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Rejection Proof

Rejection Proof

by Jia Jiang

To de-sensitize himself from rejection, Jia Jiang set out to be rejected for 100 straight days. He not only learned how to handle it better, he learned how to ASK better! When he wasn’t afraid, he could hear opportunities to rephrase the questions to make progress, and was shocked by how many people said YES to his crazy requests! His 100th ask was to help his wife ask Google for a job. They said yes. This is an outstanding book, inspirational, and can help you learn how to deal with rejection.

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Jia Jiang came to the United States with the dream of being the next Bill Gates. But despite early success in the corporate world, his first attempt to pursue his entrepreneurial dream ended in rejection. Jia was crushed, and spiraled into a period of deep self doubt. But he realized that his fear of rejection was a bigger obstacle than any single rejection would ever be, and he needed to find a way to cope with being told no without letting it destroy him. Thus was born his “100 days of rejection” experiment, during which he willfully sought rejection on a daily basis.

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