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The Jobs Driven Networking Group (JDNG)

A SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com & Christ Church Partnership Project

Our job club meets via webinar every 3rd Thursday to help job seekers strengthen their networking & job search skills.

The speakers have included multiple LinkedIn Experts, a Career Services Director from Notre Dame & Duke University, nationally renowned job search experts, hiring managers, and more. Scroll down to see the list of speakers & topics.

Who’s Up Next?

August 19th Topic: The Discipline of Career Advancement

Presenter: Paul Cameron, Founder, SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com

If you want more from your career, this meeting will help!

Achieving long-term career aspirations takes pre-planning, strategic relationship mapping, refined job search skills, and most importantly, a consistency of daily focus and action to turn those aspirations into reality.

This meeting is for anyone who wants more from their career. It’s for people who want to move up the ladder, earn more money, hold a better title, and who have the motivation to get after it; they just need the direction and the self discipline to do what they need to do day after day.

Leaders often hire Paul Cameron as a career advisor to show them an efficient path to turn their aspirations into reality, to tell them what they need to do, and to hold them accountable for doing it, but here’s the thing: YOU CAN TELL YOURSELF WHAT TO DO!

The Discipline of Career Advancement is simply having the vision of where you want to go, knowing the most efficient path to get there, and doing what needs to be done. Every. Day.

If you have achieved all you want to achieve and you are happy where you are in your career, then this meeting is not for you. But if you want more, and you know you are capable of achieving more if you just had the right plan, then this meeting could change the immediate trajectory of your career. This will be the start of a life changing journey, the catalyst that shoves you in the direction you have always wanted to go. Join us and let’s get started! It’s time to get to work.

We are limited to 500 attendees for our meetings, so register now to ensure you have a seat!

Meeting Agenda:
11:50am: Since this is a Zoom Webinar not a Meeting, attendees can only join in listen only mode. All “Attendees” who log in before 12pm will be manually promoted to “Panelists” so you can freely ask and answer questions during the meeting. There will be hiring managers on the call who will partake in the conversation and get to know you if you are free to speak with us. Chats will be difficult to monitor during the live discussion.

12pm: The meeting starts with a quick introduction of the topic and group, we thank the sponsors, give them 2 minutes to introduce themselves and their product, and then dive into the meeting.

1pm (1:05pm at the very latest) the meeting ends

Miss our last meeting? The full replay has been added to this Archive for Members (with all pauses and “can everybody hear me?” time-wasters edited out). If you are logged in as a member, click on the course in the Course Content.

We are meeting online to stay safe!

In the Chicago area, multiple job clubs charge $20 to see ONE of these presentations. We give you instant access to ALL 50+ of these seminars given by some of the same presenters speaking at the other clubs. As a member of our club you can also get first access to every new seminar each month, including the speakers who are exclusive to our club!

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This archive is included in the Advanced Networking Course. The networking course does NOT share magical stories of networking lottery winners (“I was standing in line for coffee and…yadda, yadda, yadda…I now work for that guy from the coffee shop!“). Instead you will learn specific, high-probability networking strategies.

Take the course and watch these seminars from anywhere, at any time, and unlike live presentations, you can skip over tips you already know, or rewind to write down the ones you don’t. No more sitting through stories you already heard or missing a tip that was said too fast.

By the way, we remove all the, “can you guys see me?” moments from our videos! Your time is too valuable for that.

There are no long term obligations. On going access to the job club archive is just $10 per month, but if you prefer live meetings at predetermined times for $20 per meeting at the other clubs, you can cancel your $10 Job Club subscription any time with no questions asked…well…with no questions from us anyway, you may want to question yourself about that decision though. 🤣 kidding of course, do what you gotta do, we just hope it’s with us.

You won’t find this collection of seminars anywhere else in the world. If you want results from your networking, take our Advanced Networking course and access this archive!