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Jobs Driven Networking Group (JDNG)

A SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com & Christ Church Partnership Project

Our job club meets via webinar every 3rd Thursday to help job seekers strengthen their networking & job search skills.

The speakers have included multiple LinkedIn Experts, a Career Services Director from Notre Dame & Duke University, nationally renowned job search experts, hiring managers, and more. Scroll down to see the list of speakers & topics.

December 17th Topic: Scripts & Templates for Job Seekers

Presenter: Paul Cameron, Founder of SpeedUpMyJobSearch

Knowing what to say when proactively networking, calling employers, interviewing, following up after interviews will build your confidence and create more activity in your job search.

In December, Paul will share several effective scripts he teaches job seekers to use in all 4 categories. Based on your preferences, we will choose 1 or 2 scripts from each category below, along with the corresponding email template of each script.

What do I say when…
…I need to ask for help, but don’t want to sound desperate?
…my friend said they would make an introduction, but they didn’t?
…someone asks for an introduction but I don’t feel comfortable making it?
…I need to create a contact at a target company and I don’t currently know anyone there?

Calling Employers:
What do I say when…
– the assistant picks up and asks about my call?
– the hiring manager says to just apply online?
– I call HR instead of a Hiring Manager?
– I don’t have a specific job in mind when I call?

What do I say when…
…they ask about a skill they need, but that I don’t have?
…they ask what I liked least about my prior employer?
…how I manage difficult employees?
…they ask why I got fired?

Follow Up:
What do I say when…
…I follow up a week after my interview and no one has called me yet?
…I know I won’t get the job and just want to leave the interview?
…the recruiter keeps calling but I’m waiting on another job offer?
…I receive a rejection letter about a job I know I was perfect for?

More details about this meeting will follow soon. Please check back.

Paul Cameron, SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com

Paul Cameron, Founder

Rianne Idstein, PHR
HR Executive Leader

Miss our last meeting with Rianne? The full replay has been added to this Archive for Members (with all pauses and “can everybody hear me?” time-wasters edited out). If you are logged in as a member, you can see it here:

Scroll down for the full list of presentations we have had over the years.

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