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LinkedIn Interview etiquette

  • Paul et al,

    I have received the names of people who I will interview with. Is it appropriate to use LinkedIn to:
    – Introduce yourself via InMail prior to the interview?
    – Send a LinkedIn connection request prior to the interview?
    – Send a post-interview Thank You via InMail?

    Paul Cameron

    Prior to an interview I do think it’s okay to send in invitation to connect on LinkedIn, but it needs to be a very soft touch, “I understand if you don’t want to” type of invitation, and it should convey that you’re doing it for them, not for you.

    For example, “Hi, I’m scheduled to meet with you on Wednesday and thought you might want some additional information about me ahead of time. Please feel welcome to accept this invitation so you have full access to my profile. I look forward to meeting you.”

    By connecting with them, you’ll be able to reach out to them much more easily than you could otherwise. If they do connect, make sure you immediately go to their profile and take not of their email address and contact information. Some hiring managers will disconnect after the interview, which then blocks you from seeing their contact information, so grab it while you can.

    I would STRONGLY recommend sending a thank you note after the interview, but email is preferred, message is second choice, and Inmail third. Not all three, just which ever one that you have access to which is ranked highest.

    Also, I just sent your complete resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, and I definitely recommend you go through them both before sending that invitation. If you adjust your profile first, then you can really put your best foot forward when inviting them over to look at your profile. Good luck on that interview!

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