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  • My resume and cover letter are attached, I would like to know what impression they leave, how I can improve them.

    Paul Cameron

    Thanks for posting this! I’m in process of writing your formal review which I’ll send to you later in the week, however I have a couple quick comments for you here so you and everyone can see this example. You have a majority of your information stored in boxes and tables, which most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) cannot read. I have two of the more advanced ATS and I just did a quick upload test on yours (I’ll include the full scan results in my report which I’ll email you), but it parsed your first name as “Coral”, your middle name as “Berry”, and your last name as “Lane”. Additionally, the address, city, state you have at the top of the 2nd page says, “(Address) | (City, ST Zip)”, which obviously is not what you want there. Sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to catch things like that, so I’m glad you posted this.

    I would also recommend increasing your text size to 11 points to be sure it gets through the ATS, and once you get the information out of text boxes, then the keywords and experience you have will be searchable for employers as they search their own databases. I’ll have that report to you soon, just remember everybody, no text boxes or tables! They can’t call you if they don’t receive the resume.

    Also, take a look under the JDNG Job Club Meetings link under the Resources tab for a presentation by Lauren Milligan. It’s a detailed presentation about resumes, and she’s one of the best there is. Welcome to the group!

    Thanks Paul, I will watch Lauren Milligan’s presentation. I’ll await your review then revise, plenty to work on!

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