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Rejection Proof

Jia Jiang’s TED Talk

What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection

Rejection Proof, Jia Jiang

– To de-sensitize himself from rejection, Jia set out to be rejected for 100 days.
– He not only learned how to handle it better, he learned how to ASK better!
– When he wasn’t afraid, he could hear opportunities to rephrase the questions.
– He was shocked by how many people said YES to his crazy requests.
– His 100th ask was to help his wife ask Google for a job. They said yes.

See it on Amazon

I saw Jia Jiang speak at the Global Leadership Summit in August this year and love his idea! I immediately bought this book and read it (listened actually – I love Amazon’s audible app) and was inspired. If you have even a hint of a fear of rejection, I would encourage you to get this book.

– Paul Cameron, Founder of SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com

JDNG Rejections!

Inspired by Jia Jiang and a curiosity to find out who might say yes, every week Paul Cameron is asking at least one BIG name speaker to give a volunteer presentation for our monthly job club in Wheaton, IL. 

If there is someone you would love to see give a 20 – 30 minute talk about networking for jobs, whether you know that person or not and regardless of how famous they are, email Paul their name (and contact info if you have it – if not, Paul is a recruiter, he’ll find it), and he will ask them! Stay tuned!