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Is Premium membership necessary in Linkedin ?

  • Paul: Linkedin says that I have reached the highest level of browsing of people. I have 6650 followers. They want me to upgrade to premium membership ($29.90 a month), but even then for a plan of career level up gradation and job search, unlimited people browsing is not possible they say. I am unable to browse about people. This is a handicap for me in job search. What is your advice? You can positively guide all of us in this.

    Paul Cameron

    LinkedIn is always looking for ways to monetize, and it sounds like they are now limiting searches. I have heard about search limits before, and they are monthly, but this is the middle of the month.

    I have a work around however to see individual profiles, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to do what you need. To see someone I’m not connected to, or if you don’t have any more searches you can do, if you are in Chrome, click on the settings area and select “New incognito window”. Then go to LinkedIn.com, don’t sign in, just look below the sign in area and you’ll see “Find a colleague”. You can look them up and see their profile.

    All I know about the search limits in LinkedIn is that it’s based on the number of profiles you look at, not the number of searches you run. So just be thoughtful about which profiles you open rather than opening all of them. That will help you keep your search numbers down.

    I’ll keep looking into this to see if there are any other work-arounds and will let post again in this string as I find more.

    Paul, I’m running into the same issue with the warning about people browsing limits. Will try keeping to a minimum how often I view the profiles and see if that lets me accomplish the research needed.

    Paul Cameron

    I’ve been searching for other solutions, and haven’t had a ton of success yet. You can always use advanced google search strings using site searches and inurl searches to find profiles through google. I found an article below that describes it somewhat, but I’m looking for more.. See the link below, and if everyone who sees this could also do a quick search to see if we come up with different solutions, maybe together we can stumble on the right way around.


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