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It’s time to get to work! The election & holidays are approaching fast. Searching for a job between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year will bring more questions than ever.

– Will family gatherings bring more COVID spikes and shut businesses down again?
– What impact will the election have on the job market?
– Will a vaccine be released in January 2021 as predicted? How would a delay impact available jobs?

Now more than ever, it is critical to take control of your search! You cannot control spikes, elections, or vaccines, but you CAN control your daily actions.

Wouldn’t you like to know you are doing the right things?

This PHASE Job Search Management Program gives you detailed instructions, scripts, and even email templates showing you exactly what to do, when, and how.

No more overwhelming feelings of, ‘what do I do first?‘ in the morning, and the stressful ‘did I do enough today?‘ feelings can stop keeping you up at night.

This is not a ‘What the heck, let’s try [insert random idea]! What do you have to lose?‘ plan; your time is too valuable to risk on guesses. This plan has been tested and proven to work repeatedly for professionals at all levels. The training is video-based, so you can learn how to do this on your schedule.

If you agree that having a plan gets better results, and you want a better plan, then when should you get started? During an election? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Or right now so you can get paid time off for those events?


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What is PHASE?

Probabilities + Habits + Agile Scrum = Efficiency

By routinely chasing the most viable jobs and regularly adapting your approach based on your weekly results, you can’t help but make more progress in less time! That’s the PHASE Job Search Plan!

The PHASE Job Search Plan

Step 1 is to prepare the critical elements of your job search plan & management system. Both FREE & PHASE members are given a custom-built project management tool with step by step instructions to use it on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Step 2 is to create and refine your resume and LinkedIn profile for impact. Both FREE & PHASE members learn what needs to be done for both. Both are taught how to consistently get new job leads weekly as a part of their job search plan, and they are given the Definition of Done for both Resumes & LinkedIn profiles so you can stop tinkering with them and focus on searching!

PHASE members get a detailed Resume writing course with sample bullet point verbiage, helpful action words to reference, and a personal review of their resume (10+ page report). They get an equally detailed LinkedIn profile review as well. This builds confidence in their foundation before they put their job search plan into action!

Step 3 is where you put it all into practice! Both FREE & PHASE members can see the full job search plan in this section.

PHASE members also get detailed scripts to use for their network attempt conversations, email/inmail templates, and their Search Mgmt Trello Boards are automated for them.

Whether you join the FREE program, or the PHASE membership, this structure will help you land a good job faster!

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The Job Search Plan:

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Course Content

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Set Up & Structure
Preparation & Measurements
Create & Refine
Execute the P.H.A.S.E. Plan
Additional Training

JDNG Online Membership

Our job club, the Jobs Driven Networking Group (JDNG) meets via webinar every 3rd Thursday at noon to help job seekers strengthen their networking skills with a presentation, and to build their networks with the other attendees.

We cover networking from every angle; face-to-face, face-to-screen, large events, 1-on-1 meetings, and more. This is essential learning for any Job Search Plan.

We started in May of 2015 and have recorded every expert presentation since. Many clubs charge $20 per meeting with many of these exact speakers giving the same presentations in our archive! You can access ALL of them for just $19 per month.

The club is still active, so we continue to add a new one every month!

If you do not like attending job club meetings, but still want to hear what the expert had to say, on your schedule, from home, with an option to fast-forward through stuff you already know, then this is the club for you!

Free Memberships

The entire 10-step Job Search Plan and Structure is available to EVERYONE! During the current pandemic with millions of people searching for positions, you can get the full structure, all 10 steps of the Search Management Program AND the Trello board for free!

You will also have access to all of the videos on YouTube, but they are organized by category to help you get Quick Answers to quick questions.

The only difference between Free and PHASE is that PHASE members also get access to the advanced courses on Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Cover letters, Interviews, etc., and they get exact scripts and email templates to use within each step of the structure. Free members still get all the checklists and timelines of each stage, so if you already know what to say and write to employers, then Free is more than enough!

If you are serious about your job search, do this, it will help you. It’s free, and easy. You can’t say you’ve “tried everything” until you’ve tried these 10 strategies!

Paul’s 10 step program works

“Thanks for your words of wisdom, insight, awesome training seminars. I ended up getting two job offers in the same week. Paul’s 10 step program works, if you put forth the effort. So excited about this new chapter in my life. ”
Donna Ramos
Order Coordinator

We’re serious about your search.

If YOU are serious about your search, try it. It will help. It’s free, and easy.

  • 10 Steps — Easy to implement, efficient to use, and they get results.
  • Track — Get a Custom Search Management Tool for Free. Eliminate the overwhelm.
  • Optimize — Learn to Optimize your Resume and LinkedIn Profile to be found.
  • Not Yet! — You can’t say you’ve tried everything until you’ve tried this!

An Expert Opinion!

“We live in an uncertain world and there are relatively few who have a firm grasp of what it takes to survive and prosper in this new world of work, Paul Cameron is one of them. In twenty five years I have published fourteen books, and Paul is one of less than sixty people I have quoted in my entire body of work.”
Martin Yate, CPC, CEO, and Industry Icon

Get Started!

Free membership Includes:
– 10-Step Starter eCourse
– Search Mgmt Trello Board
– Quick Answer Videos

Disclosure: The button book image and yellow Amazon button link directly to this book on Amazon. The link is an Amazon Associates link. By using it to view the book and then purchase it on Amazon, you will get the exact same price you would if you went to Amazon directly, however, SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com will be paid a small referral fee (less than 10 cents per dollar) for referring you. That helps us maintain this site and keep our enrollments low. We appreciate your help!

A Better Way to Track & Plan!

Do you use a spreadsheet to track your search? Trello is a Project Management tool we customized into a Job Search Management resource.

Trello uses “cards” instead of rows, and you can attach custom resumes to each job card, along with the job description, articles about the company, and links to employee profiles. Each card even has its own email address so you can forward company correspondence to the card! You can’t do that in a spreadsheet. Plus, Trello has a free mobile app.

Use it to PLAN your search too! Assign next action dates to your cards and filter them to only show you next actions for today! Sending resumes without knowing where they are going or when to follow up is pointless, yet it’s the norm. Plan to stand out!

Our Search Management Trello Board is included for both Free and PHASE Memberships!

Is it reasonable to think that you could land a job at least 1 month faster with step by step instructions, scripts, & email templates to get leads, network with employers effectively, and interview strategically?

Is your monthly salary higher than $297? By how much? If you could land 1 month faster by enrolling in this program, then 1 month’s salary minus the enrollment is your cost for waiting.

Is 1 month too optimistic? Okay, let’s say it only helps you land 1 WEEK faster, how much do you earn per week? More than $297? How much more? Seriously, figure out the number because that is how much you are losing by not enrolling! This will help you. It’s time. Let’s get to work!

Reality Check: If you were seeking a minimum wage job and this program only helped you land 1 week faster, you would still earn more than your enrollment back! If your normal salary is more than $25/hour, then your job search is costing you more than $1,000 per week! The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average length of time spent between positions has been 20.5 weeks for the last 2 years – pre-Covid!

This site was not made for minimum wage job seekers! This is for senior professionals with families depending on them to earn a good salary, and senior executives accustomed to earning very high salaries.

The reality is that this process has helped hundreds of people land MONTHS sooner, many of whom had been searching for YEARS! This process gets results consistently, and your investment will help us to help more people just like you to get the help they need.

Please know this is a temporary price structure for those who join during the current health crisis. Once the job market gets back to normal, new member pricing will go back up to match the value our members are getting from this program. Prices will never increase for those who join now, but I hope you will consider making a donation to help keep this program going. My goal behind this very low price structure is to help as many people as possible get back to work. I hope you will join me in this mission. It’s time for everyone to get to work!
– Paul Cameron, Founder

This course covers LOTS of subjects, from Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles, to Interviews & Networking. Each with its own set of Materials.

Some are available to Free Members, and some are exclusively available to PHASE Members, but ALL are under the Materials tabs (like the one clicked on to read this) of the corresponding videos or lesson you are on.

To make it easier to find, you can find all Materials from all subjects right here! The content visible to you below is based on your membership level.


Course Content

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Set Up & Structure
Preparation & Measurements
Create & Refine
Execute the P.H.A.S.E. Plan
Additional Training