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When an expertise gap exists for a critical project, how do you normally respond?

  • Do you rush to acquire 20 years of knowledge over a weekend, or do you hire an expert?
  • Do you design and build tools that are readily available, or do you procure them from specialists?
  • Would either of these "figure-it-out-yourself" options deliver the quality your stakeholders expect?

No chance, and you wouldn't risk it. So why risk your results on your most important project, for the biggest stakeholder ever? We've studied job search structure for over 20 years. We can help.

Every position impacts the story your resume tells, good or bad, for the rest of your career.

Your phone may be ringing, but are the right people calling? Have you seen every option?

We have the expertise required to meet your important deliverable on time and on budget.

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It worked for them, it can work for you.

  • Laura didn't go on a single interview in more than a year, but in less than 90 days as a member of our program she interviewed with 16 companies and got 3 job offers.
  • Dalia was terminated from a hospital and couldn't get anyone to talk with her, but within 30 days of our coaching she got 2 offers and accepted a job from another hospital.
  • Mike, a Marketing Manager earning a 6 figure salary, was struggling to get interviews. He started our program and within 90 days was averaging 3 to 5 interviews PER WEEK!

**Watch Laura and Dalia for yourself in this video!

We can help you too. Get started today.

Meet Laura & Dalia

The last 33 seconds of this video are why we made this site!
Thank you Laura and Dalia!

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