Speed Up My Job Search

References & Accountability – 21:15

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00:17 – References are Resources
00:59 – Learn How to Give and Get Good References
01:27 – One more question to add
04:09 – Are YOU a reference? That’s an opportunity!
07:54 – More ideas for quality referrals
08:40 – Get people invested in your search
12:11 – Creating Accountability
12:40 – Accountability Groups
14:10 – Getting HR invested in your search
17:01 – Resources
18:16 – Assignment Time

Success Is a Choice: Ten Steps to Overachieving in Business and Life by Rick Pitino. (Check your local library before buying! They even have audio version of this book at libraries – in CD form, if you still own a CD player!)

This book has nothing to do with Job Search, and EVERYTHING to do with Job Search! This is truly one of my all-time favorite books, so even though I don’t have an interview with Rick to share with you, I had to include it on my list. Rick is a very successful basketball coach, and I’m not even a basketball fan, but this book still resonates with me.

The idea that he very powerfully conveys is that success truly is a choice; it’s not a lucky break, it’s not a fortunate set of circumstances, it’s a choice. You choose to show up to that interview on time. You choose to study interviewing techniques. You choose to learn how to find hidden jobs and buy books on job search to help you land a job faster. These are all choices you can make, and they are choices that will impact the current state of your life. If you choose not to learn strategies to find a job faster, if you choose not to track your job search with tools like StartWire, if you choose not to look through the videos on this website, and then you find yourself still unemployed…is that just bad luck? Or is it a result of your choices? For me, I found this book to be incredibly motivating and inspired me to take action on many things that I may not have finished as quickly, like SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com for example.

This book is filled with lots of great real life examples of success, and triumphs over incredibly unthinkable lows. Personally, I think this is a must read, and I read this book at least once per year, every year; it’s that good.