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Proactive Searching

Proactively targeting employers will speed up your job search! Former colleagues and supervisors are MUCH more important to your job search than just skills verification. Learn how to approach them and leverage these relationships to open hidden doors.

Online communities also provide opportunities you can’t find elsewhere. You will learn how to build online relationships as well as how to master the art of networking, the #1 most popular way to land a job. In today’s job market, these are skills you MUST have, and they are not as hard to master as you think.

Although the thought of calling employers often makes people cringe and is not the “popular” way to land like networking, it is still the #1 most effective way to land a job statistically. This course will show you who to call, how to get their contact information, when to call, and when to follow up. Scripts and email templates (that others have used successfully) are included!