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Its 48 hours before a phone screen

  • Its 48 hours before a phone screen….what steps do you take and why

    I have 3 things to start doing 48 hours away from the interview. First, go to the Interview Preparation video under the Prepare tab and print off the Pre-Interview Checklist so you don’t have to guess if you’re prepared, you can check each item off the list. If you want to watch that video again 48 hours in advance, that can help too.

    Next, watch the Thank You Letters video. That needs to be seen BEFORE an interview. We’ve had at least 2 prior members tell me that this specific video is THE reason they were offered their position.

    Third, I’d recommend watching the Q&A Tactics video. That will get you thinking logically through a variety of questions that could be asked of you, and you’ll be able to think on your feet faster during a live interview. The Mock Interview video can help as well.

    I hope that helps. Thanks for posting!

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