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212, The Extra Degree

212°, The Extra Degree

by Sam Parker

At 211º water is hot. At 212º, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. It’s that one extra degree that makes all the difference. Use this powerful metaphor to reach new heights.

I learned about this book in 2006, the year the Chicago Bears went to the superbowl. The players used it as inspiration to continously improve every detail they could.

In job search, like in everything else, the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. In the Olympics for example, the difference between a Gold medal and no medal at all is often less than one tenth of one second! Likewise, I’ve heard first-hand accounts of senior executives making it to the final selection, but then getting passed over because “they weren’t following the company on LinkedIn, and the other candidate was.”

What’s YOUR 1 degree difference? Use this powerful metaphor to reach new heights.

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