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The Seven Levels of Communication

The 7 Levels of Communication

by Michael J. Maher

This is a personal favorite that I have read at least 4 times. It’s not like normal business books because it tells a story, but is packed full of GREAT ideas to network effectively. 

Like The Platinum Rule above, this book talks about a way to very quickly assess which of the 4 DiSC types someone is when speaking to them, and then is gives specific scripts that illustrate the different styles and how to adjust to them.

He also talks about a GREAT way to rank and consistently work your network. He has a prioritization plan for each person, timelines for when to connect to each type, and specific strategies to move people up or down in your rankings to keep your database accurate. I adopted many of these strategies into my Search Management Trello Boards because I liked them so much. I highly recommend getting this one.

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