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The Science of Personal Achievement

The Science of Personal Achievement, Napoleon Hill

The Science of Personal Achievement

by Napoleon Hill

Create a personal “power grid” of influence to spark professional and personal success

The bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude shows you the path to success.

Napoleon Hill devoted his life to analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th Century’s greatest achievers, people like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. His exhaustive research proved that the essence of success lies within 17 simple principles that, when used together, serve as an infallible formula for achievement. These 17 key principles are the foundation of The Science of Personal Achievement, a comprehensive course in success that empowers you to convert any adversity into advantage. And it all starts with a thought.

With Napoleon Hill’s guidance, you will achieve a level of mental self-mastery that will enable you to manage your time effectively, inspire others to work with you, and master these fundamentals:

  • 2 golden keys that open any door
  • 8 principles that boost mind power
  • 9 basic motives that inspire action
  • 10 invisible guides that help you reach your objectives
  • And so much more!

Whether you are striving for success in your career or in your personal life, Napoleon Hill’s unique, universal philosophies will lead you directly to the source of all life’s riches.

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