Setting Daily and Weekly Goals

Having a plan will focus your actions and get you there faster. In this video, learn how to use the planner to set up a week in advance. You simply input how many hours you have available to work on your search each week, and the planner will tell you exactly when to do what. If you put in less than 20 hours, it will assume you are employed and adjust accordingly. Having a plan, knowing when to schedule your social media time, networking time, calling time, and all other search tasks is ESSENTIAL for success. This video will show you how.

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Video Timeline - Total Duration 41:57
01:08 - A specific plan
01:47 - Harvey Mackay
02:51 - Identify how much time you can devote
06:44 - The Planner
07:32 - The Info Tab
12:14 - Your Week at a Glance
16:27 - The Daily Tabs
19:22 - Target Companies
19:55 - Rick Pitino
21:36 - Clicking Apply is SLOW
28:47 - Taking Notes
31:31 - Accomplishments VS Distractions
34:23 - Wins and Losses
38:35 - The School Bus Driver
40:19 - The biggest stress reliever
41:18 - Think & Strategize before you apply

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