Speed Up My Job Search

H – Habits – 10:31

Scientists have proven that Habits take little to no mental willpower to execute AND that our habits are formed through our daily choices. Thus, by developing our necessary tasks into Habits, we can accomplish them easily and consistently.

Each stage within the life-cycle of a job lead has a checklist of items to accomplish to ensure consistency in your pursuit of each job. However, these checklists are more than just to-do lists.

Each list has been specifically designed to help you establish that activity block into a repeatable habit. The ‘Next-Action’, or first item on the list (which is also visible from the front of the card) is always a very easy task. Upon seeing it you know you can knock that item off with little effort, thereby making it less daunting to get started.

As you progress through the list, the last couple items are significant in that they create a feeling of accomplishment and of knowing you are doing the right things to reach your goal. Tasks that start easy and finish with a good feeling is how habits are created.

Our search management system helps you establish habits out of tasks you may have previously dreaded. Once that occurs, your productivity starts to soar.