Speed Up My Job Search

Faith & Trust

The whole system is grounded in faith and trust that there is a bigger plan for your life, one that wasn’t written by you. Even if you are not a person of faith, I welcome you to analyze the logic of this approach.

First, our PHASE approach is about taking action and responsibility; it’s not about finding more reasons why you didn’t get hired.

If you are ready to stop looking for explanations why the wind is blowing from the east, and instead for ways to adjust your sails, even in unfair situations, then you will quickly see how your faith can lead you directly to the job you want.

As a person of faith, I fully believe that my steps are being directed purposefully (i.e. things really are happening for a reason). From that foundation I can trust that ALL situations, good and bad, are happening FOR me and not TO me.

Let’s apply that understanding to a real-life situation. 
If you get rejected for a job that you KNOW was a great fit for you, instead of looking for external things to blame, you can confidently look for the lessons you were intended to learn.

Certainly, someone without faith can look for lessons in misfortune too, but there is a huge difference between looking to see IF there is a lesson, and looking for the lesson that IS there.

If a lesson isn’t immediately apparent, the assessment of the situation is often very different for people of different faith perspectives.

A person whose faith is grounded in their instincts alone will likely walk away assuming it was bad luck and learn nothing from it. The person of faith, however, will be confident there was value in the situation and that it will serve them well someday.

Thinking logically, which of those two people is more likely to figure out a job-saving solution before their next interview where they could see the same situation occur again? Which person will more easily recall the situation years later when THEY are in the employer’s chair, and know how to step in to affect positive change?

The resulting promotion from stepping in to save that situation may seem like a lucky break to their peers, but they know it was the gift of a prior misfortune that made it possible. They finally saw the purpose and lesson God intended for them to learn because they were still expecting to find out!

With a faith mindset, you can train yourself to constantly look for lessons in every adversity, instead of looking for ways to absolve yourself from responsibility. It will focus you on things you CAN control, and away from things you cannot control. That by itself will bring you better results, but that’s only the start of what’s possible with this approach.