Speed Up My Job Search

Job Search Tracking

Finding a good job quickly doesn’t have to involve luck, it’s about knowledge and tactics. Watch this video to learn how your numbers will help you know exactly what the problem is.

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00:25 – It’s not about luck, it’s knowledge and tactics.
05:38 – Tracking your resume
07:00 – Our Job Tracking Tool
10:13 – Startwire
14:35 – Speed to Respond NOT Speed to Apply
18:33 – Job Search process
19:44 – Your goals
20:20 – When the employers call
22:39 – Fine tuning will affect the speed of your job search!
23:19 – Resources
27:21 – Assignment Time

The Goal Tracking tool I recommended in this video, Lift.do, has been changed to Coach.me; but it’s the same app. After you set up your free account, join the Speed Up My Job Search plan available (also free). That will show you which videos to complete each day, in which order. You can complete this program in 16 days or less if you follow this plan, and you can set up reminders for yourself at specific times of the day or week to keep you going. It will keep you on track.

Job Search Tracking Tool
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We understand not everyone wants to learn through video, although we recommend it to view examples and visuals along with each lesson. We offer access to a printable transcript of each video to read at your leisure. Please look through our Resources section for free resources you can utilize immediately to help your job search efforts, and take our free course to speed up your job search immediately.