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How To Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any

How To Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any

by Erik Wecks

Note from the Founder of SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com: Many people tell me they cannot invest in their career by enrolling in our program because they are unemployed. If that describes you, I do feel this book can help you, and it is only $5 (at the time I write this).

However, when something of major importance to me is not functioning properly, I can’t justify spending money on anything other than a solution to the issue. If my car breaks down, I hire a mechanic right away because each week it stays broken I lose money on taxis.

If my roof is damaged in a hailstorm, I hire a roofer to immediately because I will lose my stuff when it rains on my leaky roof.

If I lost my job and didn’t have a definite plan to get another one, I would hire an experienced coach or take their course because each week at home is a week of lost experience and lost income.

While I cannot speak for Erik Wecks, the author of this book, I suspect even he would agree that saving a one-time $300 investment to help afford $1,500 per week in lost salary isn’t a great plan. Try his book, and any of the books on my recommended books list, or enroll in my program. Sitting at home stressed out about money shouldn’t be an option. It’s time to get to work! And I would love to help. – Paul Cameron

Unlike many personal finance books, this book was specifically written for Americans who struggle to make it on a monthly basis. It provides a respectful, no-nonsense look at the difficult realities of our modern economy, along with an easy to follow path toward better financial stability that will give hope to even the most financially strapped households.

Created by a financial expert who hasn’t struck it rich, How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any offers a first hand story of financial survival in the face of rough times.

Rather than emphasizing wealth creation, How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any teaches readers to do the best they can with their income no matter its size. Content rich, personal, and jargon free, the book is opinionated and at times humorous. Full of current everyday references, it is meant to be a quick read that will appeal to the average reader just struggling to make ends meet.

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