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When to follow up

  • I had a phone screen with a recruiter on Oct. 27. She told me before the interview kicked off that the organization had taken on a hiring freeze but it would likely be listed in early January 2018 but could be lifted earlier.

    She indicated at the end of the interview that she’d like to move me along to the next round once the freeze is lifted.

    I followed up that day with a thank you note. At what point she I follow back up? The freeze makes this unique.

    I did watch the video on when and how to follow up but my situation fells a little different.

    Paul Cameron

    Agreed, this is a little different of a scenario. The key with these types of situations is to just not let them forget about you. So a quick, casual (but full spelled checked) email to check in. It will vary depending on your comfort level with the person, it would be something to the effect of…

    I just wanted to circle back to you about the [title] position we talked about near the end of October. I’ve seen several other opportunities since then, but still feel that the one at [their company name] could be the best fit for me over all so I wanted to stay on your radar.

    I was glad to hear that you were hoping to move me to the next round of interviews after the hiring freeze is over in January. Have there been updates since we spoke last? If possible, I’d love to get something on the calendar for next month to talk more about the position.

    Thanks again for all your time during the phone interview. I look forward to hearing from you.

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