Speed Up My Job Search


  • I followed your presentation on custom searches on facebook.
    Where can you find the various directory you can search on?:


    Thanks for asking, I wasn’t completely clear on that in the video. I called them “directories” just to help in the SUMJS to English translation, but they aren’t really directories that you can go look through, that’s just a clarification to the search string. When you put “employees” then it’s looking for employees at the place you are searching, or for “students” at the school you are searching. I hope that makes sense.

    It does.
    The students, or employees used in your example are either some data base fields, tables or views.
    What I was looking for are the list of names or references that are available to process searches.

    For example do they have companies or state or countries????


    In the LI advanced search I cannot seem to find a way to enter a zip code any more.
    Is this true or am I missing something?

    You’re not missing anything, they took that away recently. Another change they made actually just today, is the advanced people search is even easier now. Instead of having to run a blank search (i.e. nothing in the search box) to reveal the advanced search properties, now when you click on the box you get an option of what type of search you want. So when you want to run a people search, you can access it easier, even though you can’t search by Zip anymore, which is definitely a downgrade. Ever since Microsoft bought it, things have been getting more challenging in LinkedIn, but still worth working around.

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