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  • Hello everyone

    I wanted to post my resume here to get some feedback before sending off to the masses. I have a general background in account management, and have maintained several high profile accounts at my past and present employer. Over the past 10 years, my experience has been mainly in the services and food industries. I am currently looking to either stay in the food/agriculture field, or potentially move into the health or technology sectors.

    Please review my resume and let me know your thoughts on how I can maximize its effectiveness.


    Thanks for posting your resume, Alec. I took some time to review it today and have some thoughts for you.

    First and most obvious, is that you have 10 years of experience and the resume is just one page. I know there’s a belief out there that resumes must be one page, but that’s just not true, 2-4 pages is fine. We are no longer printing out resumes and losing the additional pages. In the digital age, we’re scrolling through resumes which is very easy to do, so it’s OK to extend the length to add relevant experience.

    Regarding the formatting, I recommend you bold and underline the title of your sections, meaning the “Professional Summary”, “Experience”, and “Education”. This will help separate the sections and give your resume some visual organization so it doesn’t look so much like a wall of text. You could also bold the line that contains your company/title/date in your experience.

    Your contact information is in the body of the email rather than in the header, which is great since many ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) can’t read inside headers. However, there is no location information. That will force the ATS to either list your location as blank, or as Iowa, which is the only state name listed on the page. When the recruiters filter the list of applicants by location, you will be filtered out, even if you’re local, because your record in the system will be labeled incorrectly. So I would recommend writing “Chicago, IL” under your phone number or name, or put your actual suburb name, IL if you’re comfortable doing that.

    Next, I recommend removing the “Career Objective”. Unless employers know you personally, they will not be looking to find ways to help you meet your objectives, they will simply be looking for a resume that matches the job and would make sense for them to call. So leave the summary, but remove the Objective. To give you a real world example of this, today I saw a resume for someone who applied to our programmer position and one of our security positions, but their Objective stated they are looking to be a game designer. So even if they have the skills I am looking for in either of those positions, it’s already not a fit because they said they want a different job.

    Your summary looks good. Not too long and touches on your strengths. Just be sure to customize this section for the position you are applying for, every time. For example, if the job you’re applying to is an account executive with food industry experience, make sure your summary reflects that. Again, if they don’t know you personally, the only reason they’ll call is if your resume matches the job better than the other candidates. Continuing that thought, make sure the top bullets of your recent experience match the summary and the job description as well.

    Regarding your work experience, I recommend adding the employer locations if it’s to your benefit. I also recommend adding in the months of your start and end dates unless you’re trying to hide a short stay or a large gap. When you say 2007 to 2008, was that Jan 07 to Dec 08, or Dec 07 to Jan 08? Huge difference.

    Regarding your Education, adding the year you graduated is completely optional of course, but if you’re not concerned about potential age discrimination, I recommend adding the date. There has been an extreme number of people lying about having degrees on their resumes lately, and adding a date will just add an extra layer of confidence that you actually have it.

    I hope this helps, and thanks for posting! For any other members reading this, please post YOUR resume too and we’ll review it in detail like this.

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