Speed Up My Job Search

Finish syllabus, Networking and Assigments

  • Sunday 10/29/2017
    Finish all videos except for negotiating, unless I have time
    Prepare for Monday
    Perform Assignments for some of the videos, make a list

    This looks like a great plan for the week. I’ll be interested to hear how it turns out on Friday. Looking forward to hearing how the first few calls go!

    All videos completed.
    Resume revised and rename (Please review attached)
    I will be done tonight with posting to job boards
    601 connections on LI
    Wrote a note regarding our discussion
    Intend to make some calls tomorrow

    Great job. The resume looks very good and is passing through the ATS uploads. Having the additional LinkedIn connections will help more employers find you as well. You’re on the right path.

    Hot from the press

    This is a very good resume, now we need to focus on the process. I’ve actually created a new tool I’d like to share with you – the sooner the better. It’s still in creation, but at least I can get you started on it. What’s a good time to talk?

    To anyone else reading this, the tool will be available to ALL members once it’s finished and I make an instructional video on how to use it, but any/all coaching candidates will get a personal walk through of it as soon as you have time. This will NOT count as one of the 2 coaching calls a month, I just think it’s important that you learn how to use this right away because it will really help.


    I modified a search string for FB to:


    I added present/ to residents.
    I was getting a lot of entries for people that used to live in Chicago but moved out

    What do you think?

    … That does not seem to work either

    I found this articles at:

    That I am currently reading.

    I clicked on the search above and every single person listed (at least when I clicked it) says they currently live in Chicago or West Chicago (because the word Chicago was included). So it worked as intended. Thank you for the extra article. I will check it out.

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