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  • I have a level 2 phone screen in about a week for what looks to be on my dream job based on Company, Job Spec and a discussion with HR. Therefore, I am attempting to focus all of my energies in the evenings on the this interview after work. Meaning no networking, No new custom resume sends…just a direct focus on preparing for this opportunity.

    In the past, I had the opportunity to interview with a great company for a great position.
    Received a phone call from HR (level 1) went well – next steps recommended with my next interview being scheduled 2 weeks out. Had the (Level 2’s) interview went well – multiple people phone screen A and a singular person phone screen B (hiring manager) next steps recommended with my next interview being scheduled 2 weeks out with the hiring manager phone screen B in a face to face. Face to Face went well, basically was ready to support the hiring manager in their goals and objectives…and was ready to start preparing for the strategic goals we had discussed…. The hiring manager had to meet and discuss with the other 3 people what their thought were about me and would get back to me in 2 weeks. After about a week, I reached out to the hiring manager, addressing the strategic goals and objectives we discussed asking if their were any other areas that I should be aware of….with a response, no not at this time….

    I later found out that I did not receive an offer due to budgetary constraints and one other issue which was a positive factor, but worked against me (level I reported to vs level I was going to report to)

    Please note During this interview process time, I also reached out to contacts I had in the organizations and had worked with in the past, who had a pulse on what was occuring.

    Having shared my story, Allow me to ask my question. In the example above I allowed myself to go “offline” for about 4-5 weeks focusing on this opportunity. Doing minimal
    resume sends and little or no networking (except for with people in the company)

    Should I solely focus on this interview for the next week
    Should I attempt to connect with my interviewer before the interview via linkedin or
    via email….(Cold call on my side – not being expected). Also the person is
    out of the office (hence the delay)
    Should I send resumes
    Should I network

    What are your thoughts, again this is a level 2 phone screen with who I believe is the hiring manager… I have this feeling there will be a level 3 face to face before offer with
    this individual and most likely one other person above them.

    Hi Michael,

    The one thing that I have done is to keep going until you have an offer in hand. Therefore, I think you should prepare for your interview but at the same time continue looking for other opportunities. Those are my thoughts.
    James [Former Member]

    Paul Cameron

    Michael, I agree with James, keep filling your funnel as you pursue this one. I’ve often compared the job of a job seeker to that of a recruiter because they are essentially the same. When I’m training recruiters I will always warn them about just working on one deal at a time.

    Too much psychological investment into too few things leads to burn out.

    If you end up spending all of your time on that one job, any jobs that open during that time at other companies are missed. Then, if that one job doesn’t work out, you’ve lost potentially weeks of time, plus the devastation period to mourn the loss of the position is more time lost. That’s followed by the wonderful feeling of having to start over at square one.

    OR, let’s say you DO pursue other opportunities. The 2 worst case scenarios are 1, nothing surfaces, but you have the peace of mind to know that you didn’t miss anything. Or 2, other opportunities do surface, thereby giving you peace of mind to know you now have leverage to negotiate a better offer from a position of strength.

    So your options are to just pursue this one position and deal feel Hope laced with stress, or pursue lots of positions and feel Hope backed by peace of mind. I know which one I would pick.

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