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ATS Test

ATS Compatibility Tests

Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems is critical to getting the job you want, and the danger is NOT about keywords!!

The danger is in your formatting, not keywords. If the ATS cannot read your resume and parse your information correctly, i.e. put your name in the name field, your phone number in the phone field, your email address in the email field, then those fields will be left blank and seen as an error by the ATS, and can be deleted before anyone ever sees that you applied!

Keywords are just skills. If an employer needs a Java Developer and you don't list Java on your resume, that's a skills problem, not an ATS problem. However, if you HAVE experience with Java and you're still not getting calls, you could have a formatting problem. We are not speculating based on hear-say, we are actually testing resumes on real ATS, 2 of them, and sharing the results. Here is what our ATS Compatibility Test includes:

  • We test your resume on both of our Applicant Tracking Systems
  • We send you screenshots of the actual results of your scans
  • We give you a detailed report on your results with recommendations
  • We also share lesser-known ATS compatibility issues we've experienced on multiple corporate ATS we interact with daily
  • We will test your resume a second time after you have made the recommended changes to make sure it passes

$10 for ATS testing on both systems, with screenshots of the results only, and the number of possible concerns for other system.

$68 for the the test results and the detailed report describing ALL possible concerns and how to fix them.

Start with the ATS Test for $10. If it scans well, no need to buy the full report, but if it doesn't scan well, your receipt will include a coupon code for $10 off the full report.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing eCourse

This eCourse comes with 6 instructional videos covering much more than just Resumes and Cover Letters.

  • Resume Basics video duration: 10:47
    • Learn the fundamental elements every resume must include
    • This video creates a solid foundation on which to build the more advanced strategies to get responses
  • Beyond Resume Basics video duration: 12:21
    • Here we begin to construct the resume per the template guidelines
    • Our resume template not only ensures ATS compatibility, but also allows for quick customizations
  • Customizing Your Resume video duration: 17:13
    • Using the template from the last video, learn how to customize quickly
    • Learn which sections are most important, how screeners read resumes, and how to grab their eye
  • Cover Letters video duration: 11:37
    • Not everyone reads cover letters, so you need a quickly customizable, but effective template
    • Learn to create a good cover letter, but not lose time doing it
  • Thank You Letters video duration: 17:55
    • Learn to construct a Thank You Letter that creates action
    • Numerous students of point to THIS video as the reason they got an offer!
  • Handbills & Job Clubs video duration: 28:43
    • Learn how to create effective Handbills for job clubs and networking
    • Learn the important elements of Handbills to create memorable impressions and generate targeted leads

$29 for 30 days of access to this course, $49 for 90 days

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Will yours pass? Find out!

Test Mine Now!

Networking Memership

  • The Ultimate Networking eCourse
  • Talent Directory Placement (opt)
  • Custom Job Tracking Pipeline Tool
  • Access ALL recorded JDNG seminars
  • The Accelerated Careers Onboarding Program

$14/month. Save 20% Quarterly, or 35% Annually

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Resume Series

Below is a series of videos to help you with your resume, your cover letters, and how to attack your application process.

All of these videos are available on our YouTube channel, this page just organizes them for you. As we make more videos relevant to this topic, we will add them here, so bookmark this page and keep checking back! Enjoy!

Resume Timing

This video discusses resume timing, regarding the best time of day to send resumes, and the time that's spent reviewing those resumes. Enjoy!

Resume Re-Tooling

There are key attributes to resumes that will get you noticed faster, and others that will actually block your resume from ever being seen at all. Learn more in this video.

Cover Letters

Always Customize?

This video may seem to contradict the previous videos at first, but watch all the way through. Combining both strategies, the first one mentioned here AND customizing your resume consistently, will yield awesome results for you.

8 Ways to Land

The video above references another video at /applylast, but rather than making you go find that one, here it is for you. Enjoy! It outlines 8 ways to land your next job, 6 of them have a higher statistical probability of success than sending a customized resume!

How to Spot Bad Job Search Advice!

If you decide NOT to use me to help you with your resume, that's okay, it's important to pick someone who you feel has the right skills and experience to do the best job for you. HOWEVER, there are a LOT of people out there claiming to "Resume Writers" and they don't have true credentials behind them. I've seen the damage they can do. I get "professionally" made resumes every month with the 'Track Changes' still turned on! So I created the video below to help you spot the bad ones. If you don't pick me, okay, but at least make sure you pick a good one. How many LinkedIn recommendations to they have? How may endorsements? (while endorsements are NOT indicators of skill, they ARE indicator of how much traction their profile is getting. Count how many categories have a 99+ and compare). This video will give you more clues:

Job Club Networking

Now that you're armed with a list of job clubs to attend, here are some tips to networking effectively.

Here's more keys to networking. Enjoy!


Addressing Age Discrimination

This is a Members-Only video originally intended for subscribers only. The audio link and training program it references are currently being modified to fit onto this page, so they are currently not on the page as described in the video. Thank you for your patience.

Use the icons at the bottom right corner of the video to adjust playback speed.


The icon in the bottom right corner will open links to skip to the chapters you want. The gear icon next to that is where you can increase the playback speed.

The small white dots along the video progression bar are also links to these topics:
0:40 Civil Rights Act
1:11 Americans with Disabilities Act
2:47 Where to get a free copy of the complete "Illegal Questions" information
3:52 Despite the laws...
5:34 Identifying perceived risks
7:28 Address it indirectly
10:33 Resources
12:31 Important Assignment to ensure this objection won't stop you

After the resources section, there is an assignment to help you understand how to put these techniques to use. Please stick around through the end.

The track about how to handle Illegal Questions asked during an interview mentioned in the video is available to members inside the membership portal.

To see a job board built by AARP that posts jobs from employers committed to an age-diverse workforce, just click here.

How to get Names and Warm Leads

The following seminar was originally given at the Jobs Driven Networking Group in Wheaton, IL. We record ALL of our seminars and include them in all levels of our membership packages.

Start Here

Get more blue pie!

Job Search Strategies Knowledge

Peek into the unknown in the next 10 minutes!

First watch just 5 minutes of the Job Search Tracking video. Learn how metrics will shorten your job search regardless of your circumstances.

Next, learn the best tactic recruiters use to find thousands of hidden, online jobs. Click to master it yourself in just 5 minutes!

Plus, get the encouragement and daily motivation to get the job you want. Here are some member comments: 

    "I've learned so much and you are so encouraging and positive...I really felt like you were there with me in my corner..."

"[this site] provides strategies to become a more confident person and job seeker."

    " appreciation for your encouragement and advice...kept me going when I was ready to give up."

The difference this program offers you is that these tactics are what Paul uses to make placements as a headhunter. They MUST work consistently or there is a real consequence to him; his business would falter! The fact is that he's been using strategic job search tactics since March of 1998...that's hundreds of successful months! You just need to make them work once. Join now and get started.


Yoda says, "do or do not." NO! It's "do or do." Those are your options!


This video was recorded in August 2014. Paul's assistant, discussed near the end, turned down the offer mentioned to accept another one even closer to home, also within her first 30 days.

Learn to play offense, not defense!

Thank You Letters

This won't be your typical Thank You Letter construction. You are building this to create interest, to set yourself apart, and to get to an offer faster.

The following video is a Members-Only video from's membership area. This is just one of more than 40 Members-Only videos available for our members. They cover everything from how to write an effective resume, and use social media strategically, to interviewing and follow up.

This video has been credited by multiple former members as THE reason they got the job offer they wanted. It's important to watch this video BEFORE you go on another interview. Enjoy!

Full printable transcripts of every video are available to Members.

00:18 Thinking Thank You from the start
01:19 Be on the lookout for positive conversations
01:42 The big debate
02:50 A Creative Approach
04:06 Follow up with email even if written
04:26 Writing the letter
05:17 No Presumptions!
06:25 First paragraph
06:53 Second paragraph
09:51 3rd paragraph
15:53 Closing the letter
16:11 Meeting with more than one person

Thanks WorkNet DuPage!

Thank you for attending my last job club presentation for the foreseeable future. I do hope to return once the new entity is up and running, but I do not know how soon that will be. It was very meaningful to see so many people there for this LinkedIn presentation. Below are the slides.

To get a copy of the presentation slides, use this link:

Click here for the slides! 

I will continue speaking at Christ Church of Oak Brook once a quarter, however, those presentations will be focused on how to reliably lean on your faith in God to get through a challenging job search. So it will be different than a normal job club meeting. If that type of a meeting is of interest to you, please reach out to me.

If you check out our YouTube channel, you'll find lots more videos to help with your job search.

I also host a weekly Job Club called the Jobs Driven Networking Group which meets in Wheaton, IL every 3rd Thursday from 12:10pm to 12:50pm. This month will be Bruce Bixler to talk about LinkedIn for mobile.

Jobs Driven Networking Group

Every month we focus on a different aspect of networking to strengthen your skills and help you build your network. If you can't make it at that time or location, we also host the group online! Every presentation is recorded and made available to online members.

Speakers have included Denis Curtin, LinkedIn Expert; Jim Klink, TUG Career Services facilitator; Jim Fergle, WorkNet DuPage facilitator; Joy Maguire-Dooley, former Lisle Job Club facilitator and host of Job Talk radio; and many, many more. ALL presentations are available to JDNG Online members.

For more information, visit

Unemployed for more than 6 months?

Watch this video all the way through, it will help.

It's just 5 minutes and 19 seconds, but it can change your entire approach to answering questions about why you've been in job transition for so long. You can use it to your advantage and show it distinguishes you from the other applicants! Watch and see how.

See all of our videos at and subscribe to the channel today!

If you are concerned about Age Discrimination specifically, click here for a detailed video with specific ideas on how to minimize your age from being factor in an employer's hiring decision decision.

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