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Job search can seem like a giant jigsaw puzzle that’s missing about 15 pieces, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s an idea that can bring you some leads from a very unexpected source, but is strategically the most advantageous of any.

This blog originated from a video that’s posted on my YouTube Channel; here’s a quick link to this video if you’d rather watch it: https://youtu.be/71KINhXcRI0

Have you ever been in an interview where you knew, that the interviewer knew, that you both knew, you weren’t a fit for that job? I think we’ve all been there. Well, instead of just politely finishing out the interview and gracefully leaving never to be heard from again, why not call it what it is, be honest with each other, and try this…

b2ap3_thumbnail_lego-guy.pngAsk that hiring manager or that HR person for a recruiter referral. Just say,

Based on our conversation, it seems like this might not be the best fit for either of us in this specific position, but I really have a lot of respect for your company, so if another position opens where you think I could contribute, I would love to hear about it. In the meantime, I’m guessing someone in your position gets lots of calls from recruiters who work with people like me. Do you have favorites you wouldn’t mind sharing with me?

NOTE: Your goal is NOT to get another recruiter’s name for your contact list!

Your goal is to get that hiring manager or HR person invested in your search. This is one of the oldest tactics ever! The principle behind this tactic has been practiced as far back as the Ben Franklin days. Ben used this tactic to strengthen relationships between himself and his friends, as well as with his enemies.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Ben_Franklin.jpgHe wouldn’t ask for their favorite recruiter of course, he would ask to borrow an item he knew to be something they treasured. For example, if they had a favorite book, he would ask to borrow that book. He would take it home, perhaps not even read it, just put it on a shelf, but then return it a couple weeks later and thank them profusely for the opportunity to borrow such a great book.

When that person shared something personally valuable to them, it created an instant rapport between them and Mr. Franklin. It got that person invested in Ben’s success with the subject of that book. It very effectively expanded his network with another quality relationship.

In your interview setting, when you get that hiring manager to give you their recommendation about a recruiter, they are naturally going to want to know that their recommendation actually helped you and that you appreciate that they did that for you. After all it’s their recommendation!

By getting the name of their favorite recruiter, now you have an open door to call them back to say thank you. Let them know that you spoke to that recruiter and can see why they like them, “…and oh by the way, since you know more about me than most HR people do because of our interview together, if you hear of any other companies looking for someone with my background, please let me know.

This HR person or hiring manager now has a connection with you, they are invested in your search and they will WANT to help you. Who better to help you than an HR person who hires people who do what you do?

Chances are spectacular that they have friends, also in HR, who work for other companies that might have openings. They’ll talk. Think about it. You have friends who do what you do at other companies, right? Of course, and so to they.

By doing this, you will very effectively expand your network specifically in the exact right direction. Practice this, role play it so when the time comes, and it happens to the best of us, some interviews just don’t work out, but you’ll have this tactic in your back pocket to use when you need it.

By the way, this can also be used in your thank you note after a rejection if you don’t get a chance to use it in the interview itself.

Job search doesn’t have to be so Puzzling, there is a better way than just clicking the apply button. If you take a strategic, planned approach to your job search, you will land faster. You just will. Like in every other area of your life, if you work smarter AND hard, you’ll see results faster.

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