Speed Up My Job Search

The 6 PHASE Job Search Plan

Getting frustrated by comments like, “you just need to network more“, or worse, “you’re doing all the right things, I don’t know why you haven’t landed yet“? This program walks you through what to do, how to do it, and why you are doing it.

PHASE 1 shows you how real ATS work and how to write resume bullet points for a recruiter’s eye. PHASE 2 explains how to set up your LinkedIn profile and how to use it proactively. PHASE 3 & 4 give you a daily plan and interview strategies. PHASE 5 is a career acceleration plan. Our Advanced Networking Course is PHASE 6 and contains advanced tactics, gamified daily challenges, and more than 60 seminars from networking experts across the country.

This structure uses Agile Framework concepts for adaptability, tracking, and constant improvements in your results. If you are serious about advancing your career, this program can help, and it’s never been more affordable than it is right now.

Choose the job search PHASE you are in, or grab the All Access Pass to save over 50% on ALL of them!