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Daily Search Process: Get Leads & Be Heard

This is where ALL of the scripts, email templates, and instructional videos for how to work the plan are located.

Every column on your board has a corresponding video, and they are all here. When you move a job lead into the “Research” column, there is a Research video you can watch to see how it works.

When you are ready to make a Network Attempt, go to the “Make a Network Attempt” module here, print out the scripts and email templates, watch the video, and you will be ready.

Same suggestion for when you apply, when you follow up the day after you apply, when you follow up with HR 2 days after applying, and when you make your final attempt to follow up 4 days after you apply.

There are videos for every step that ALL members can watch, and call scripts and email templates that PHASE members can read and copy/paste/send.

The Materials for each video are under the Materials tab directly above each video. Click on it and you will find the materials for that video.

If you have trouble finding anything, reach out to me directly! I believe in this structure and stand behind because I have seen it work so many times, for so many years, for soooo many people. If you are not seeing results, reach out to me so we can figure out which step we need to fix. This will work. Trust the process, and get back to work!

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The Call Scripts and email templates are visible here for PHASE Members when logged in.