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Bundle! PHASE 1, 2, 3, 4, & Network

If you are interested in the program but don’t want PHASE 5 onboarding help, this bundle gives you everything else!

PHASE 1 of the program focuses on your resume and the related documents you will need to have in place for your search. Whether you are are writing a resume for yourself, or if you are a professional resume writer seeking Applicant Tracking System (ATS) information and hiring knowledge to produce more effective resumes for your clients, this comprehensive course is for you.

You will learn:
– The definition of done for your resume
– Common & uncommon Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatibility issues
– Rules & Structure for your resume
– How to write every section of a resume (10 sections covered) with detailed guidance
– Customization tactics to quickly and easily target positions
– Tactics to write effective cover letters
– What Handbills are and how to write them

Related Documents:

Resume Template: Use our resume template as a guide.

Reference Docs: Core Competency examples, Bullet Point examples, Action Words, & more.

Cover Letters: An easy to customize template with a training video to use it.

Handbills: Learn how to create an effective Handbill for job clubs. 

PHASE 2 will show you how to create an effective profile, and even more importantly, how to USE your profile. LinkedIn is a tool to be proactively used to attract employers and to help you get in front of your target companies.

You will learn:
– The definition of done for your LinkedIn profile
– The Foundations of a great profile
– How to rank higher in employer search results
– A daily schedule to get in and out of LinkedIn efficiently
– Templates for Inmails, Connection Requests, Replies, & Introductions
– How to adjust every section of an effective profile customized to YOUR profile

PHASE 3: The Search Process

PHASE 3 is for the professionals who enroll in our program who already know how to execute projects effectively when they have a clear plan, but they don’t have an effective project plan for their job search.

They know coming up with the most effective plan takes time, trial & error, patience, and careful data tracking. While they could spend the time, effort, and thousands of dollars in lost salary figuring it out on their own, instead they see the value in learning our proven plan that has already been vetted and successfully executed by hundreds of senior professionals. You can do the same.

You will learn:
– How to uncover senior level leads daily
– What actions to take via checklists for each stage
– The exact words to say with scripts & templates
– How to confidently conduct a job search without guessing

PHASE 4 gives you advanced interviewing tools, tactics, and strategies for the entire process once a job is in play. This is much more than simple interview strategies. As soon as they express interest, that job is in play, so you will need to effectively stay in contact, prepare, follow up, and negotiate effectively. This is by far the most effective interview process and strategy program available anywhere, and we welcome any and all debates!

You will learn:
– How to Sell Yourself in an Interview
– The communication styles of your
– How to minimize Age Discrimination
– How to handle Illegal Questions effectively
– Effective concepts to answer common interview questions
– How to prepare for Phone, Panel, and Lunch Interviews
– How to prepare a variety of great questions
– How to Negotiate for better offers
– How and when to follow up after the interview
– Efficient practice with a mock interview with recording options for instant feedback!

It also includes a Pre-Interview Checklist, our Interview Influencer Doc, and our Job Offer Comparison Tool

The Advanced Networking course will show you the exact phrases to start conversations, topics to discuss, strategies to build trust, and how to follow up afterwards. If you wish you were better at networking, this is the course for you.

Our Advanced Networking Club includes:

  • Event Networking – learn how recruiters do networking
  • Access ALL Job Club seminars (new ones added monthly)
  • 3 powerful modules to efficiently expand your professional network
  • A specific structure to Organize & Prioritize your contacts
  • Scripts and Daily Challenges to Strengthen relationships with acquaintances / weak ties
  • Access to a proprietary advisory tool to identify communication preferences of others on the fly
  • Exclusive follow up when you apply to any of the 1,000+ national jobs posted on our job board

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4-min. inside look in PHASE 2

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Above is a 6-min. peek at the tools & tactics included in P4 that you cannot get through any other interview training program anywhere in the world!

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