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Bundle! PHASE 1 & 2

Need to get your Resume & LinkedIn profile in shape, but don’t need help with your job search process, interviewing, or networking skills? Then just get PHASE 1 & 2 bundled together and save!

PHASE 1 of the program focuses on your resume and the related documents you will need to have in place for your search. Whether you are are writing a resume for yourself, or if you are a professional resume writer seeking Applicant Tracking System (ATS) information and hiring knowledge to produce more effective resumes for your clients, this comprehensive course is for you.

You will learn:
– The definition of done for your resume
– Common & uncommon Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatibility issues
– Rules & Structure for your resume
– How to write every section of a resume (10 sections covered) with detailed guidance
– Customization tactics to quickly and easily target positions
– Tactics to write effective cover letters
– What Handbills are and how to write them

Related Documents:

Resume Template: Use our resume template as a guide.

Reference Docs: Core Competency examples, Bullet Point examples, Action Words, & more.

Cover Letters: An easy to customize template with a training video to use it.

Handbills: Learn how to create an effective Handbill for job clubs. 

PHASE 2 will show you how to create an effective profile, and even more importantly, how to USE your profile. LinkedIn is a tool to be proactively used to attract employers and to help you get in front of your target companies.

You will learn:
– The definition of done for your LinkedIn profile
– The Foundations of a great profile
– How to rank higher in employer search results
– A daily schedule to get in and out of LinkedIn efficiently
– Templates for Inmails, Connection Requests, Replies, & Introductions
– How to adjust every section of an effective profile customized to YOUR profile

Tour of PHASE 1


Watch this 4-min. look inside PHASE 1.

Tour PHASE 2


4-min. inside look in PHASE 2

Now you can get both of these important job search Phases together. Both start by defining what it means to be done with each Phase, so when someone shares a cool new idea or when an “expert” tells you what they feel you must change, you can stop messing with them because you know you have already built the functionality you need into them and you can stay focused on your search process. It is an incredibly freeing and productive feeling!

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