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(Applicant Tracking System)

When you apply to jobs, your resume is not being sent to someone’s inbox, it is going to a computer application known as an Applicant Tracking System, also known as an ATS.

The danger of getting rejected by an ATS is NOT about your keywords, it is about your formatting!

If the ATS cannot parse your resume correctly (i.e. find your contact information and place it into the appropriate fields), then those fields are left blank and seen as errors. When the ATS purges the errors (deletes them), it purges your resume with them!

Keywords are just skills. If you apply to a Java Developer position and you don’t list Java on your resume, that’s a skills problem, not an ATS problem. However, if DO include Java on your resume and you are still not getting calls, you may have a formatting problem.

SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com is owned by an IT recruiting firm with licenses for two ATS, so we can actually test resume and share the results without speculating what probably works.

By ordering an ATS Test you get:
Your resume tested on both our ATS
Screenshot images of your actual results
– A 2-page Guide to Getting ATS Compatible
(Optional for $65 more) Add our detailed ATS Results Report which includes specific recommendations based on your test results.