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If you have a decent resume already, but want a professional to review it and test it on an Applicant Tracking System, then the Professional Review is all you need.

If your resume needs significant updating and you have the time to invest in writing it yourself, the online course will give you everything you need. See the course outline and watch the Quick Tour video below to see what’s in it.

Skip to the bottom for details about Paul Cameron’s professional resume writing service. He takes a unique approach to the Summary section which works very well on IT leadership resumes. Watch the video in that section to learn more about it.

ATS = Applicant Tracking System

When you apply to jobs, your resume is not being sent to someone’s inbox, it is going to a computer application known as an Applicant Tracking System, also known as an ATS.

The danger of getting rejected by an ATS is NOT about keywords, it is about formatting!

If the ATS cannot parse your resume correctly (i.e. find your contact information and place it into the appropriate fields), then those fields are left blank and seen as errors. If the ATS regularly purges error submissions, then it will delete your resume with them! If it does NOT purge error submissions, it will create a blank record in the ATS, which is useless to us.

ATS Compatibility, therefore, simply means that the ATS can read the content of your resume.

Even if you purchased the best keyword matching tool available and loaded your resume full of the exact keywords listed on the job description, they still cannot call you because they do not have access to your contact information.

A Real Example

Below is a real resume from a person who applied to one of my job openings today, the day I am writing this post. I changed the name to “Tim Plet” as a bad pun because the resume writer this person hired clearly used a resume template (Tim Plet, tem-plate, get it? Sorry, I’ll stick to resumes and recruiting). I left their formatting the same, however, and uploaded it into my ATS. First you will see the MS Word resume, followed by what I, the recruiter, saw in my ATS.

Bad Resume Example of ATS Compatibility
Here is How Poor ATS Compatibility Appears to Recruiters

ABOVE: Nothing is hidden for this blog post, the screenshot above is what the actual resume looks like to the recruiter inside the ATS. The broken image icons are what display to the recruiter because the ATS cannot read the content of this resume. The lack of data makes the resume useless, therefore it will be deleted.

Resume Services with ATS Testing

SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com is owned by an IT recruiting firm with licenses for two ATS, so we can actually test resume and share the results without speculating what probably works.

Comparing writers? Always Ask:

– What is an ATS?
– How can you be sure my resume will be accepted?
– Which ATS do you currently have access to?
– How many different ATS do you have hands-on experience using?

If they start talking about keywords, run!

If they mention keyword matching tools, run faster!

ATS Compatibility is NOT about keywords, it’s about formatting. Since most ATS are cloud-based and updated regularly, they cannot know your resume will pass if they cannot test it.

Somehow it was able to parse out his job title and company, but nothing else is visible at all. I wonder how many more applications this person has sent out using this resume! Thankfully I was writing this piece today to find an example, so I did call him…but he did not call back.

Saving Money on ATS Compatibility?

There are many “Professional” Resume Writers who use templates like the one above and boast about their ATS compatible resumes! They talk about their clever sections like the left column where keywords can be added from job postings. To their credit, it is easy to customize that column to score well on the countless keyword matching tools available. There is only one problem with it…


The writers using these templates often charge far less than more experienced writers ($250 to $300 per resume whereas the industry norms are 2 to 3 times that amount), but a higher price does not make one writer better than another, experience and true ATS access does.

In 2020 three people paid $850, $1,200, and $800 respectively to other writers before hiring me to rewrite them. At least 5 others chose to continue using their ATS incompatible resumes to “save money”. I wonder if they also save money while fishing by not buying bait? Hmm. One popular writer I know of charges over $2,850 to write resumes using templates that are not ATS compatible!

Paying someone to write your resume who doesn’t have professional hiring experience to understand how Applicant Tracking Systems work from the employers’ perspective, nor the tools necessary to test for compatibility is like hiring your accountant to fix your race car because he watches a lot of races on TV! Yes, he will charge less than an actual race car mechanic, but I doubt you will win many races.

The bottom line is that when a single document can impact the interviews you get and the salary you earn, then it needs to be done right. There are lots of good times to bargain shop, especially when you are searching for a job, but choosing a professional resume writer is not one of them. Find someone with hiring experience, and direct access to at least one Applicant Tracking System.

If you just want your current resume tested on a real ATS, you can do so here:

ATS Test includes:
Your resume tested on both our ATS
Screenshot images of your actual results
– A 2-page Guide to Getting ATS Compatible
(Optional for $65 more) Add our detailed ATS Results Report which includes specific recommendations based on your test results.

Price: $10
Tested on 2 ATS

Price: $75
Tests + ATS Results Report

ATS Tests with the report are included in the Resume Review

Option 1: Our Online Resume Course

PHASE 1 of our 5 PHASE Program is an online course focusing entirely on your resume and the related documents you will need for your search.

You will learn how to write and effective resume, start to finish. When you are done with this course, your resume will be done, and it will be done well so you can confidently start applying quality jobs.

Whether you are are writing a resume for yourself, or if you are a professional resume writer seeking Applicant Tracking System (ATS) information and hiring knowledge to produce more effective resumes for your clients, this comprehensive course is for you.

You will learn:
– The definition of done for your resume
– Common & uncommon Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatibility issues
– Rules & Structure for your resume
– How to write every section of a resume (10 sections covered) with detailed guidance
– How to write bullet points with impact, and have access to actual bullet points you can use from real resumes covering leadership, promotions, budgeting, setting strategy, and more
– Customization tactics to quickly and easily target positions
– Tactics to write effective cover letters
– What Handbills are and how to write them

Related Documents Included:

Resume Template: Starting from scratch? Use our resume template as a guide from which to build your ATS compatible resume.

Core Competency Examples: Includes 47 Core Competency sections with 6 to 10 bullets in each from actual resumes Paul Cameron has written as a professional resume writer.

Example Bullet Points by Impact: This is explained best in the quick tour video. You will have access to actual bullet points organized by the impact or ability you are trying to convey, such as leading people, setting strategy, or managing budgets.

ATS Compatibility Guide: A 2-page guide packed with information about how to ensure your resume is compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Resume Action Words: Includes about 200 effective words so you don’t have to start every bullet point with “Led a project…”, or “Managed a team…”, or “Responsible for…”.

Cover Letters: Not everyone reads cover letters, so you need a template which you can quickly customize to have a good cover letter, but not lose time on it.

In the Effective Cover Letters module you get video instruction showing you specifically how to write it, two templates to download, and access to our Custom Cover Letter Tool is included.

To use it, simply fill in the name fields, then three of your skills the job requires, choose your template with a click, and your Cover Letter is instantly completed!

Email it to yourself, receive it in seconds, and put it to work for you!

Once your resume meets the Definition of Done, you can move on to PHASE 2: LinkedIn Mastery!

Option 2: Professional Resume & LinkedIn Reviews + Courses

If you have time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile yourself and just need professional guidance, then these detailed reviews are a great option. Paul Cameron writes the reviews personally, giving specific recommendations and instructions to help you implement them.

In other words, his reviews are not expensive sales pitches to get you to hire him to write your resume, which seems to be a growing trend in the industry. You will learn precisely how you can update your resume to improve your response rates.

Your resume will be tested for ATS compatibility, recruiter compatibility, and search engine optimization. You will receive screenshots to see exactly how your resume parses into two ATS, with specific instructions to fix any issues discovered.

You will learn how to write bullet points for impact, and a structure to help recruiters and HR professionals spend more time on your resume.

Reviews are typically lengthy, 10 to 15 pages each. To suppliment each review, you will be giving full access to the corresponding Course within our 5 PHASE Program. Resume Reviews come with access to PHASE 1: Resume Mastery, and LinkedIn Profile Reviews come with access to PHASE 2: LinkedIn Mastery.

Each course includes additional tools, templates, and examples you can download to help you retool your resume and proactively grow your LinkedIn network (with specific scripts and message templates).

You can order either one of these reviews with course access individually for $129, or both for $189! Turnaround time is 2 business days for a single review, and 3 business days if you order both.

**Turnaround times are dependent on receiving the materials from you to review. Once your resume and/or LinkedIn profile link is received, the clock starts!

Option 3: Professional Resume Package (LinkedIn Review included), $549

Video Duration: 8:31

Before ordering a resume, let’s have a consultation meeting about my process. Rather than waiting for our schedules to align, we can have a virtual meeting right now! Just click play and I’ll tell you about:

My background
My process for writing resumes
What I’ll need from you
How I structure a resume
My expected delivery time
– Full Resume Package: $549

The full resume package includes:

– A personal consulting call with Paul to identify your strengths and your messaging theme
– An ATS compatible resume tested on 2 recruiting firm applicant tracking systems
– A detailed Resume Guide to update your own resume for future versions
– Full access to the PHASE 1 course from our Job Search Management program
– A personal LinkedIn Profile review with advanced tactics to USE LinkedIn proactively

100% Happiness Guarantee! Paul has never, and will never mark a resume complete until you, the owner of the resume, personally tell him you are happy with the finished products (your Resume & LinkedIn review). Until then, Paul will continue working with you until you are happy (not just “satisfied”) with the completed products.

This option gives you a completely new resume, strategically written by Paul Cameron. Plus, you get a detailed LinkedIn Profile Review, access to PHASE 1 & 2 of our program, a Resume Customization Guide, and much more. Most importantly, you won’t be left guessing what to expect or when!

The “Course Content” below outlines each step in Paul’s writing process, and will be marked complete as your resume progresses. Time references to “days” refer to the maximum number of business days (Monday – Friday) for Paul to deliver that step. The PAF refers to the Personal Assessment Form you will receive immediately upon ordering.

* If no changes are needed, these two steps will be marked complete immediately and Paul will deliver your resume in an MS Word format and a pdf format, along with your completed LinkedIn profile review to await final approval from you.

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