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Career Mapping

What is your ultimate career position goal? Still trying to pick a career? Knowing the ultimate destination should be a key factor in choosing every position along the way.

This is Paul Cameron’s premium career coaching package. The types of professionals who hire Paul as a job search advisor are typically Senior to Executive level IT leaders with greater career aspirations than where they are now, and they work with Paul as an extra pair of objective, and confidential, eyes on their current trajectory to reach their goals.

The roadmap they develop together typically spans across multiple employers and positions to reach their ultimate career objectives. Personality assessments and job matching tools guide long term planning, while the combined experience of Paul and the client together through regular, monthly discussions are what drive the direction and strategy.

Long term career planning requires a significant investment of time and effort from both parties. Homework will be required, challenging discussions will take place, and unique employment opportunities and situations will arise throughout the process.

As such, Career Map Coaching cannot be accomplished in one or two brief sessions. This one-on-one confidential career advancement program requires a 6-month commitment, along with an adequate financial investment to for the time and resources that will be dedicated to your career advancement.

To learn more, or to set up an Initial Advisory Call, reach out to Paul Cameron directly via email with a subject line of, “Advisory Call Request”.

Program Expectations:
– Full access to all courses and training within SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com (SUMJS)
– One 60-minute Career Mapping Strategy call per month covering: Career Outlining, Relationship Mapping, Network Management, Leadership Development, Career Advancement Discipline
– One 30-minute Career Assessment Review call per month with specific coaching, covering: Resumes, LinkedIn, Search Process, Correspondence, Networking, and Advancement
– Detailed Resume Review and LinkedIn Profile Review reports
– Four 15-minute calls each month for weekly accountability and guidance to your search plan
– One 1-hour interview preparation call, & up to 5 interviewer DiSC assessments
– Up to 5 recorded mock interview answers with professional feedback monthly
– Access to all downloadable tools and video transcripts
– Full digital download copy of “Tricks of the Job Hunter’s Trade”, audio interview training
– Unlimited Direct Message correspondence
(all calls, messages, & correspondence referenced above are with Paul Cameron directly)

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