Speed Up My Job Search

Q&A Tactics

The single most important element to landing a job quickly is how well you interview! This video will teach you the strategies you need to sell yourself effectively in your interviews.

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Video Timeline – Total Duration: 52:37
02:24 – What’s your greatest weakness?
12:54 – Questions about skills you don’t have.
21:15 – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
29:48 – How do you handle a difficult co-worker?
35:57 – Why leave that position?
44:37 -Why leave? Not actively looking.
46:29 -Why leave? I was fired.
51:33 – Assignment Time

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We understand not everyone wants to learn through video, although we recommend it to view examples and visuals along with each lesson. We offer access to a printable transcript of each video to read at your leisure. Please look through our Resources section for free resources you can utilize immediately to help your job search efforts, and take our free course to speed up your job search immediately.