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LinkedIn Profile Services

A strategically written LinkedIn profile helps employers find you. By USING your profile strategically, you can find them first!

Our personal profile review (a 12+ page report) will identify the specific changes you can make to help employers find you AND it will also show YOU how to find THEM!

How is your current profile performing? Find out instantly for free right now, and have a customized plan sent to you (also free) within 5 minutes!

Comparing “LinkedIn Experts” to review your profile? Here are some credentials to consider:

Paul Cameron has been using LinkedIn professionally for hiring since February of 2004; LinkedIn officially launched just 8 months earlier in May of 2003. There are more than 660 Million users currently, but Paul joined when there were less than 255 thousand members.

Translation: There are not many people who have more of the precise experience job seekers need than Paul.

Although many boast of reaching “expert” status without ever paying for even a premium membership, that raises a much larger concern. How can someone teach you how trained industry professionals use a tool they have never used themselves??

Paul trains the industry professionals. He not only has a Premium Business Account for his personal profile, he also owns a LinkedIn Recruiter ATS seat license (full version, not Recruiter Lite) which he uses as a professional recruiter and trainer.

He uses his experience and access to show you how to rank higher in employer searches, and how you currently rank in employer searches – and why!