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Winning the Job Race

Winning the Job Race

Pathways Through Transition

by Jack Heyden & Scott Kane

Jack and Scott are executives with over 60 years of combined experience who, in early 2000, were out of work, did not know each other and were forced to reinvent themselves to survive in the 21st Century workforce. Scott created Gray Hair Management as a networking tool for his job search, and eventually grew it to a network of over 4,500 senior managers and executives worldwide, all with a common interests and goal: finding a new opportunity in a very difficult job marketplace. In 2002, Jack joined Scott as a partner in Gray Hair Management.

Winning the Job Race: Pathways Through Transition is a tool for the job seeker who needs to understand the rules of the game, to reinvent him or herself in order to articulate the value and currency he or she brings to the table, to capitalize on current and future networking contacts, and to ace the job interview in order to win that next great opportunity.

The author spoke at our job club! Here is a clip:

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