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You must be LOGGED OUT of LinkedIn and BLOCK ALL COOKIES in the browser on which you use this search box so the profiles you open do not count against you. If you don’t block cookies, LinkedIn will block you from opening more than one profile.

Pro Tip from LinkedIn Expert Denis Curtin: To avoid hitting your search limit as fast, search your 1st level connections first! In LinkedIn, click My Network => Connections => Search! LinkedIn counts the profiles you open, not the searches, but you can open 1st level connections as often as you want.

Pro Tip from Paul: Since this search box will ONLY list People in the results (after the ads), you can enter company names to find employees and former employees of your target companies! Watch the video 1st below for a process to use this page for warm job leads.


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You must be logged into Facebook on this computer/device for these searches to work, however, they are anonymous searches. Your FB friends will not see that you are running these searches. Find hiring managers by title at your target companies AND find which of your friends know them! This is a GREAT source for very warm leads! Happy hunting!

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