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Here is a strong list of reputable experts we recommend.

There are lots of “experts” claiming to have the solution you need for your job search, but how can you tell who is actually qualified and if their motivations are sincere? We understand that frustration, and would like to help.

If you want an alternative to SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com to help you with your job search, below is a great place to start. Paul Cameron, our founder with over 20 years of experience helping thousands of job seekers has personally vetted every single expert listed below and confidently recommends them. We do not receive a commission from any of them if you use their services.

Please feel welcome to contact any of them directly through the Contact Me form on their profiles, or connect with them through their social media links. If YOU know an expert you trust and feel we should list here, please go to Paul Cameron’s profile and let him know.


Company: Hobknobery
Location: Palatine, IL
Specialty: Professional LinkedIn Trainer & Coach
Company: Lisle Township
Location: Lisle, IL
Specialty: Director, Youth & Family Services at Lisle Township | Job Club Facilitator, Community Career Center
Company: DriveStaff, Inc.
Location: Wheaton, IL
Specialty: IT Headhunter ● Technology Recruiter ● Job Search Coach ● Resume Writer
Company: Job Search Chicago
Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Specialty: LinkedIn Trainer & Coach
Company: WorkNet DuPage
Location: Lisle, IL
Specialty: Job Search Strategist & Tactician
Company: Barra & Associates
Location: Itasca, IL
Specialty: Insurance and Financial Services Consultant
Company: TUG Career Services
Location: St. Charles, IL
Specialty: TUG Career Services Director
Company: ResuMAYDAY
Location: Warrenville, IL
Specialty: Resume Writer and Career Coach
Company: Shuler Acupuncture
Location: Chicago, IL & Wilmington, IL
Specialty: Acupuncture & Nutrition for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress
Company: WorkNet DuPage
Location: Lisle, IL
Specialty: Workshop / Outreach Facilitator

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