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Search Management in Trello

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Included in Free Level

Learn how to use our Search Management Board in Trello. Each module covers a different topic so you can skip to where you need the most help. You will quickly see how powerful this search management tool is and how it can very efficiently help you land the right job sooner.

If you are not familiar with Trello and have no idea what our Search Management Boards are, then check out this 5 minute video below to see it in action. This takes your job search effectiveness to an entirely new level!

PHASE 2 gives you 3 months of personal coaching and an option to move up into full career coaching, or down to video-only job search coaching with an option to continue in the Group Coaching calls as a PHASE 1 monthly member for just $15 more. PHASE 2 enrollment is applied to PHASE 3 if you move up, there is no enrollment to move down, and you can change plans or cancel at any time.

*The 1-Hour Coaching Call for groups will be done as a group, addressing individual situations, group objectives, and accountability strategies.

**Group Coaching Rates for PHASE 2 Membership:
– 1 person = $497 enrollment and $99 per month
– 2 people = $447 enrollment each (save $50/member), $91 per month each (save $8/month/member)
– 3 people = $397 enrollment each (save $100/member), $85 per month each (save $14/month/member)
– 4 or more = $297 enrollment each (save $200/member), $75 per month each (save $24/month/member)

Email [email protected] with the names & email addresses of your group members to pay separately. If you are a Group Sponsor or Employer paying for the enrollments together, Click Here to Enroll Your Group.