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(Mbr) Your Headline – with Examples!

The content for this topic is still being migrated into our new course format. Please check back soon.

I am adding the “Daily Search Plan & Process” first, then coming back for this LinkedIn course. As each video for the Daily Plan course is completed, the video duration will be added to the title, and they will be done in order. This will make it easy for you to see which module I am recording next. Thank you for your patience while I get all these courses and modules put into this new section.

Module details

This will start as written course instead of video, and each module will include all possible contingencies that someone could have on their profile.

New PHASE members get a detailed LinkedIn profile review that will cover all of the same material, but it is tailored to YOUR specific profile with recommendations for you to improve what you have currently.

If you do not want to wait for this module to be added, consider getting a LinkedIn profile review. Even the “Lite” review will cover this module.