Technology Tips to Find Hidden Jobs

Set up and use your technology to significantly speed up your job search! This video will show you tips and tricks that some other headhunters don't even know how to do, by watching this video all the way through, you will change your approach to job search and find a job faster.


04:46 - The Basics
07:13 - Email Strategies
14:18 - Job Boards
21:44 - Job Board Aggregators
23:40 - Job Boards Resources
24:00 - Advanced Online Searches, and more Aggregator Searches
35:47 - User Groups
39:00 - Watch That Page
41:31 - Personal Websites
43:54 - Resources
46:09 - Assignment

The blog article mentioned in the video can be found here:
Jobs Posted by Recruiters: 5 Tips to Get Results

In the Email Tips video, a free app called Boxcar was mentioned. Click Here to get Boxcar.

We found a great solution to getting Delay Delivery for Gmail users. Click Here to get Boomerang - It's free for up to 10 delayed email sends per month. Personally, I have an account with them and like it, but the free version can work for you too. SpeedUpMyJobSearch has no affiliation with them other than personally I am a customer. If you are a Chrome user, you can install the extension for Right Inbox. Just go to or find it in your extensions. It also allows for 10 free scheduled emails per month.

The best deals on the resources mentioned in this video change so frequently we can no longer list them on this page. However, since so much is stored in the cloud now, any computer with an SSD (solid state drive) will be fast and effective for you.

To see a complete list of Job Boards and Search Resources of all kinds, visit our Resources Tab Click Here

Job-Hunting Online, A Companion to What Color Is Your Parachute? by Mark Emery Bolles & Richard Nelson Bolles.

Have you seen our Online Resources page? Picture that page, multiplied by 188! (the number of pages in the book) Some of the resources I list on that page were originally brought to my attention through this book. The key difference is that they offer a great deal of explanation of each site, why they like the site, and what you can expect from the site. In addition to the links and explanations, they have pages of their own thoughts and advice on each topic throughout the many chapters in the book. It's nice because you can view this book both as a business book you can look to for advice, as well as for reference material. This is a good one to have in your library.

Richard Nelson Bolles, Author of "What Color Is Your Parachute?" co-wrote this book with his son, Mark Emery Bolles. You can listen to our interview with Mark here:
Click here to listen to our 23 minute discussion with the Author, Mark Emery Bolles.

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2014: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard Nelson Bolles.

The Parachute series has been a staple of business strategy and career change for many, many years. We were very proud to call Richard Bolles of friend of Job Talk. Published in 22 languages and 26 countries, and with over 10 million copies sold, What Color is Your Parachute? has helped millions discover their unique gifts, skills, and interests and land a job--even in hard times.

This 2014 edition of “[one of] the 100 best and most influential [nonfiction books] written in English since 1923,” according to, is refreshed with up-to-the-minute statistics, job-field analyses, and advice on social media and search tactics (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, Yelp, and YouTube). However, Parachute’s core message remains intact: WHAT, WHERE, and HOW.
Click here to listen to our 28 minute discussion with the Author, Richard Nelson Bolles.

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