Speed Up My Job Search

Tactics to Find Hidden Jobs, it’s Not Luck!

YouTube: Tactics to Find Hidden Jobs, it's Not Luck!Finding a good job fast doesn’t have to involve luck or market conditions, it’s about knowledge and tactics. I hear people tell me, “Paul the number of jobs that are available for me to apply to is not up to me, and that means it IS luck!”  I just don’t agree.  I think that means you need to know about more places to look for jobs, and that’s knowledge, not luck.

Did you know there are thousands of jobs sitting online that are NOT advertised anywhere, and they’re available to be searched by anyone? I’ll explain how to do it here, but if you watch the video of this blog, it will be much easier to follow.

Where To Look

On the right sidebar of SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com there are a couple search boxes, those are Indeed.com boxes.  Just plug in the job you want and where. For example, I put in SharePoint Developer and Chicago, which resulted in a posting from a company called Rightpoint. I don’t know them but when you click on their posting, the URL (website address) does NOT say Rightpoint anywhere (example below). That means this job is being housed in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). So copy the domain and the first folder, go to Google, and do a site search on that domain. You’ll find thousands of job housed in that one ATS!

Rightpoint job URL   Site Search for the ATS

Let’s look at another posting from my original search, BlueMetal Architects. If you click on their posting, they DO have their name in the title, but it’s followed by “.theresumator.com” in the URL. I don’t know what that is but I’m betting it’s not a division of BlueMetal Architects! So copy that and do an “inurl search” in Google for any pages that have “theresumator.com” in their URL. Again, thousands of jobs will result!

BlueMetal Architects job URL   inurl Search in Google

Try going to your recruiter’s webpage.  For example, my company is DriveStaff.com; let’s click on one of our jobs. “DriveStaff.com” is definitely in the URL, even when you click on the job itself, but if you go back, right click on the job posting and open it in a new window, now the URL says “pcrecruiter.net/pcrbin…” that’s my applicant tracking system! There are tons of FIRMS that use that system, which means thousands of jobs. Do a site search on that to find them.

DriveStaff Jobs DriveStaff job URL

Obstacles Not Barriers

I’m not trying to downplay the affect that market conditions can have on job search, or how a little luck can give you a boost in the right direction, but have you ever seen the movie Rounders with Matt Damon? It’s about professional poker players. At one point Matt Damon’s character, Mike McDermott asks, “Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker EVERY YEAR? What, are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas?”

Or do you know a salesperson who always ranks #1 year after year? They depend on other people to make buying decisions, that’s out of their control, but as “luck” would have it, that person consistently has the most people buy every year.

Job search is also a skill game based on knowledge and tactics and the harder you work, the luckier you get. You don’t have to subscribe to the mindset that the economy is holding you back, it might be an obstacle, but it’s not a barrier! There are ways to write your resume that will get faster responses. There are ways to follow up that will get you in the door faster. You can use social media to create warm leads with people you don’t know. It’s just a matter of knowing how to do these things.

It’s about knowing that clicking the apply button is the slowest way possible to land that job. Before you ever click an apply button again, I want you to think, “Have I done everything possible to Speed Up My Job Search to land this job?” If you’ve tried multiple alternative routes first, THEN click apply, but the apply button should NEVER be your first contact with any company.

If you want to kick your job search into another gear, look through SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com. There are 15 free instructional videos on there, free audio tracks, interviews with multiple New York Times Best Selling Authors, a National Job Board with more than 1,000 urgent job openings, and then tons MORE content for our Members.

Try It!

Before you get distracted, enter the job title you want into Indeed.com, click on a few of the positions and look for URL’s that don’t match the company name, and do a site search. Play with this and you’ll see there are more jobs out there than you think. If you want more handy tips like these, watch the free Technology Tips video under the Prepare tab on our site, that will help you. You can do this. Finding a good job quickly doesn’t have to be about luck or the market, it’s about knowledge and tactics, and it’s okay to stack the deck in your favor. Now it’s time to get to work.