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Support Forum

Have a question? Get it answered by a pro!

We have a very robust support forum where you can ask specific questions about your unique situation in a secure environment where everyone wants to help you. It’s like attending a job club, except you don’t have to leave your house, and there are professional job search coaches there, and every other attendee in that room has access to your question (rather than just the 2 people you would be talking to at a real event, and even then you might not feel comfortable to ask).

We provide a safe environment where you can write a detailed question, and get thoughtful answers. You won’t find any negative ranting and complaining in our support forums…except for one, which is specifically made for venting! We figure it’s better to rant there than at an employer. However, the rest of our forums are kept free of useless negativity, our goal is to help.

This was inspired by a young man from Joliet, Illinois who was suffering from a very rare blood disorder. He had a great attitude and had accomplished much more than anyone expected him to ever do. In talking with his father that evening, he very casually made a spontaneous comment that I will never forget for the rest of my life. He said, “You know, if you don’t tell someone they can’t, they just might.”

So we keep our forums positive and encouraging, because you never know when that one idea you never thought would work, lands you the job.

Don’t have a question, just have a goal? Write it on our wall!

Ever notice that when you tell yourself you’re going to do something, it doesn’t always happen, but when you tell someone else you’re going to do it, it almost always does? That’s called accountability!

We not only have a dedicated support forum to answer questions, but we also have a forum for Action Plans! Let us know what you’re planning to accomplish this week, only members can see it so you don’t need to worry about this becoming public, but once you announce that you WILL do something, then by doing it, you 1, build confidence in yourself that you CAN get this done, 2, build trust with others who see you following through on your word, and 3, you build a stronger network as you work through your obstacles with others who are facing the exact same challenges you are facing. Writing your plans on how you will reach your goals is the first step in getting there.

Remember, a goal without a written plan is nothing but a wish.