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Strategic Thank You Letters

This won’t be your typical Thank You Letter construction. You are building this to create interest, to create action from the employer, to set yourself apart, and to get to an offer faster.

We have had multiple people tell us that this single video is the reason they got their job! This one is important to watch BEFORE your next interview.

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Video Timeline – Total Duration: 17:55
00:18 Thinking Thank You from the start
01:19 Be on the lookout for positive conversations
01:42 The big debate
02:50 A Creative Approach
04:06 Follow up with email even if written
04:26 Writing the letter
05:17 No Presumptions!
06:25 First paragraph
06:53 Second paragraph
9:51 3rd paragraph
15:53 Closing the letter
16:11 Meeting with more than one person

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