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Get our 10-step Job Search Starter eCourse, our Search Management Board in Trello, and access to our Quick Answers eCourse to apply to structure to your search. It’s simple to use, and taught in a step by step method. Implement one idea at a time and you will see results quickly.

If you are serious about your job search, do this, it will help you. It’s free, and easy. You can’t say you’ve “tried everything” until you’ve tried these 10 strategies!

Paul’s 10 step program works

“Thanks for your words of wisdom, insight, awesome training seminars. I ended up getting two job offers in the same week. Paul’s 10 step program works, if you put forth the effort. So excited about this new chapter in my life. ”
Donna Ramos
Order Coordinator

We’re serious about your search.

If YOU are serious about your search, try it. It will help. It’s free, and easy.

  • 10 Steps — Easy to implement, efficient to use, and they get results.
  • Track — Get a Custom Search Management Tool for Free. Eliminate the overwhelm.
  • Optimize — Learn to Optimize your Resume and LinkedIn Profile to be found.
  • Not Yet! — You can’t say you’ve tried everything until you’ve tried this!

A Better Way to Track & Plan!

Do you use a spreadsheet to track your search? Trello is a Project Management tool we customized into a Job Search Management resource.

Trello uses “cards” instead of rows, and you can attach custom resumes to each job card, along with the job description, articles about the company, and links to employee profiles. Each card even has its own email address so you can forward company correspondence to the card! You can’t do that in a spreadsheet. Plus, Trello has a free mobile app.

Use it to PLAN your search too! Assign next action dates to your cards and filter them to only show you next actions for today! Sending resumes without knowing where they are going or when to follow up is pointless, yet it’s the norm. Plan to stand out!

Our Search Management Tools are included in ALL membership levels. See it in action in this video.

Mr. Yate quoted Paul multiple times in this edition of Knock’em Dead.

An Expert Opinion!

“We live in an uncertain world and there are relatively few who have a firm grasp of what it takes to survive and prosper in this new world of work, Paul Cameron is one of them. In twenty five years I have published fourteen books, and Paul is one of less than sixty people I have quoted in my entire body of work.”
Martin Yate, CPC, CEO, and Industry Icon

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Free membership Includes:
– 10 Step Starter eCourse
– Search Mgmt Trello Board
– Quick Access eCourse

Efficient Organization = Faster Results

“Paul’s advice reduced the amount of time it took for me to land a job. Paul was especially helpful when it came to organizing my search, understanding how to use LinkedIn to increase my network, improving my interviewing skills and helping me understand how to prepare before an interview.”
Melinda Kolker
Business Analyst

Resumes with Impact!

“After being unemployed for 10 months I got my first job offer yesterday, just 2 weeks after discovering your website and improving my resume!”
Garrison Dorek
Project Manager, Anthropologist

A Structured Process Works

“His expertise, skill, knowledge, and unwavering positive attitude about job search techniques and strategies are second to none. This site contains invaluable resources that address every category in a job search. The process of finding a job is a full-time job. Paul’s system and organizational tools provided me with the structure to be successful with the job search process.”
Laura Cognato
Interior Design Sales

More in 3 days than 11 weeks

“I’m only a few days in but I feel I already have received the full value for the expenditure! I learned more from Paul already than I did in the entire 11 week program from [outplacement firm]”
Bryan Davis
Director of Technology

PHASE Membership gives you access to a full Interview Preparation call with Paul Cameron at 30% discount! Instead of $150 for a 1 hour call with Interviewer DiSC profiles, PHASE Members can schedule that call for $105!