JDNG Seminars

This is an archive of every Job Driven Networking Group meeting we've recorded so far, and we've had an AMAZING list of speakers! 2 LinkedIn Experts, a Career Services Director from Notre Dame & Duke University, the founder of the concept of Job Clubs who was recognized by the Secretary of Labor in Washington DC, and many, many more. They cover virtually every aspect of Networking, from face to face networking to face to screen networking, from large event networking tactics to one on one meetings.

Resume Services

We offer a comprehensive selection of Resume Services from essential ATS Compatibility Testing, to a completely rewritten resume by a professional with consulting calls to define the impact of the skills you know you have, and to identify valuable skills you didn't know you had, but employers are searching for. Your resume will be reviewed by a Professional Resume Writer and by Paul Cameron personally, a professional recruiter who has read more than 200,000 resumes and works with today's employers on actual jobs to know what really works in today's job market.

LinkedIn Profile Services

A full selection of LinkedIn Profile Services from a review of your current LinkedIn content, to a completely professional and personal retouched profile picture and background. Your profile will not only lead companies and professionals to you, but will grab their attention, and create a warm, inviting perception that will encourage them to reach out to you.

Interview Coaching

We have the tools you need to strategically prepare for your next interview, complete with coaching options tailored specifically to your unique situation. Everything you need to convert that interview into an offer.

Job Search Coaching

Want to see everything you need to speed up your job search from start to finish? A variety of coaching options can unlock every course in the site! This includes access to over 1,500 jobs, coaching and accountability through the Forum, a custom job search tracker, and an ATS test. Is your situation unique? You can even find personalized coaching options tailored specifically to you and your need.

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