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Interviewing successfully often depends on the rapport you can build with an employer. Studies have shown that employers tend to hire the person they LIKE the best, and not necessarily the most qualified person. Although that seems unfair, it’s actually good news for those who know how to intentionally create rapport with anyone.

Being likable is not a talent you’re born with, it’s a skill that can be learned. Paul is masterful at finding the right words for challenging situations. One senior recruiter refers to him as “the Yoda of interview strategy” and calls for advance 

Often simple word choices make all the difference in the perception created. For example, you may want to know, “What will be expected of someone in this role over the first 6 months?” and “What happened to the last person who was in this role?”, but if you ask using those words you’ll make the wrong impression on the employer.

However, you can just reword the questions, get the same information, AND make a much better impression! When someone asks what you’re expecting them to do by a certain time, they’re essentially asking what the bear minimum requirements are that they have to do so they don’t get in trouble. Whereas if they asked about what they would “have the opportunity to work on over the first 6 months” will get the same information and it conveys a sense of ambition. It’s a small difference, but you only have a few hours, often less than that, to create the impression you would do the best job for them of anyone else they meet.

Paul’s Interview Coaching covers every aspect of the interview process, start to finish (actually, from before the start to after the finish)! Whether you speak with him in person, or take the eCourse, or use his audio program, you’ll understand specifically how ace your next interview.



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