Speed Up My Job Search

Our Services at a Glance

SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com is a Career Advancement Platform that can help you to not only get your next job more efficiently, but also to get that ideal job you want to work up to and plan to get three jobs from now.

We offer Resume Services, Interview Coaching, and Job Search Coaching. for your immediate search needs. The reason our monthly membership pricing is so low is to allow you continue learning and using our Search Management Board to structure your career growth. As you continue to sharpen your career advancement skills, you will become less and less dependent on a single employer or manager. In other words, you will never have to feel stuck working in a job you don’t love because you will know how to efficiently go find and land a better job.

Once you land your position, we shift into career advancement mode and help you pinpoint your long-term goals and give you specific steps to take within your new employer to set yourself up for faster promotions and career success.

Below you will see a full comparison of our PHASES.

PHASE stands for Probabilities + Habits + Agile Scrum = Efficiency!

When you pursue the jobs with the highest probabilities of working out and turn necessary daily tasks in to true habits, prioritizing and improving them with Agile Scrum concepts as you go, then you will land the right job sooner. ALL our PHASES rely on this structure to help you get to work sooner. It’s time to get to work!