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How well is your resume performing? Let’s find out! Your resume response rate is the primary indicator of its effectiveness. Use the quick form below to find out your rate and get free resume advice instantly!

The number of resumes you “should” be sending depends on lots of factors, so there’s no right answer other than, “more than none.” The key is whether people are responding or not. Your response rate can reveal ATS compatibility issues, position mismatches, content problems, and so much more.

There are no judgments in this. You don’t even have to submit your name to get your number. Just answer the 3 questions below and your rate will appear instantly on the screen! If you DO request a free resume advice report, you will receive actionable suggestions based on your specific numbers in less than 5 minutes!! Try it!!

While you wait for your results, below are some free videos from our YouTube channel to help you with your resume. If you like these, our Resume eCourse goes into much greater detail on each of these topics. Enjoy!

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If you decide NOT to use me to help you with your resume, that’s okay, it’s important to pick someone who you feel has the right skills and experience to do the best job for you. It’s critical you pick a good one who knows how to test on real ATS.

Check their LinkedIn recommendations; how many are there? How may endorsements? (while endorsements are NOT indicators of skill, they ARE indicator of how much traction their profile is getting. Count how many categories have a 99+ and compare).

Open the profiles of the people who recommended that person to see if they have a resume posted. That doesn’t guarantee that person wrote it, but if the person has enough recommendations, you can start to recognize a style. Make sure you are comfortable with that style before you pay them anything.