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Whether you want a resume written from scratch, or just a detailed review of your current resume, there is an option here to meet your needs. Use these red buttons to skip down to what you need.

How is your current resume performing? Find out instantly for free right now, and have a customized plan sent to you (also free) within 5 minutes!

A strategically written LinkedIn profile helps employers find you. By USING your profile strategically, you can find them first! Our LinkedIn profile services show you how to do both!

Get a personal profile review (a 12+ page report) to identify the specific changes you can make to help more employers find you daily.

Comparing LinkedIn Experts to hire? Here are some credentials to consider:

Paul Cameron has been using LinkedIn professionally for hiring since February of 2004, 8 months after LinkedIn launched in May of 2003.

Many “experts” boast of never paying for even a premium account! How can someone teach you how trained industry professionals use a tool they have never used themselves?? Paul pays for multiple premium memberships and trains those industry professionals.

Check out Paul’s profile for yourself. Review his recommendations. Compare them to other experts. While you are there, invite him to connect!

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ATS Testing

(Applicant Tracking System)

When you apply to jobs, your resume is not being sent to someone’s inbox, it is going to a computer application known as an Applicant Tracking System, also known as an ATS.

The danger of getting rejected by an ATS is NOT about your keywords, it is about your formatting!

If the ATS cannot parse your resume correctly (i.e. find your contact information and place it into the appropriate fields), then those fields are left blank and seen as errors. When the ATS purges the errors (deletes them), it purges your resume with them!

Keywords are just skills. If you apply to a Java Developer position and you don’t list Java on your resume, that’s a skills problem, not an ATS problem. However, if DO include Java on your resume and you are still not getting calls, you may have a formatting problem.

SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com is owned by an IT recruiting firm with licenses for two ATS, so we can actually test resume and share the results without speculating what probably works.

By ordering an ATS Test you get:
Your resume tested on both our ATS
Screenshot images of your actual results
– A 2-page Guide to Getting ATS Compatible
(Optional for $65 more) Add our detailed ATS Results Report which includes specific recommendations based on your test results.

Price: $10
Tested on 2 ATS

Price: $75
Tests + ATS Results Report

Professional Resume Reviews

If you are confident in your document editing skills in MS Word, then this detailed resume review by Paul Cameron would be the best choice for you. Although Paul won’t reword your resume in a review, he will explain how you can reword your resume for impact.

This Review is typically 10 to 15 pages long because Paul examines 78 checkpoints on every resume and makes recommendations based on what he sees for each one. The ATS test and full report are included as part of your full Resume Review. Every word and punctuation mark on your resume should have a purpose, and this review will walk you through all of them.

You will learn how to write a Summary Statement that will grab the attention of both hiring managers and the HR team. You will learn how to write bullet points with impact, and how to structure your resume to create more responses. Be confident that your resume is doing the job you need it to do. Order this review to have Paul Cameron, a professional recruiter and resume writer, take a look at your resume and give you his detailed recommendations!

Price: $149
Resume Review

Professional Resume Writing

Before ordering a resume, let’s have a consultation meeting about my process. Rather than waiting for our schedules to align, we can have a virtual meeting right now! Just click play and I’ll tell you about:

My background
My process for writing resumes
What I’ll need from you
How I structure a resume
My expected delivery time


Price: $649
Full Resume Package