Resume Services

We offer a comprehensive selection of Resume Services from ATS compatibility testing and comprehensive reviews, to professionally written resumes.

Individual Services

  • ATS Compatibility Tests
  • Resume & Cover Templates
  • Resume & Cover eCourse
  • Detailed Resume Review


Resume Package

  • Resume Rewrite & Prep
  • ALL Ind. Services included
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Job Board & Club Access


Resume + Coaching

  • Add Online Coaching
  • Hire Paul as your Coach
  • Help Pursuing Leads
  • Networking Membership


Individual Services

ATS Compatibility Tests

  • We test your resume on both of our Applicant Tracking Systems
  • See screenshots of the actual results of your scans
  • We give you a detailed report on your results with recommendations
  • We also share lesser-known ATS compatibility issues we have experienced with multiple corporate ATS we interact with daily
  • A re-scan after you have made the recommended changes is included

$10 for ATS testing on 2 systems

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Professional Resume Review

  • The ATS Compatibility Test and reports described above
  • A detailed report of your current resume (often 8 to 10 pages long or more)
  • A report on your resume's search engine optimization so recruiters/employers can find you
  • A test for recruiter compatibility (i.e. are you making it easy for them to get your resume to their clients?)
  • Identification of areas of customization to more easily modify your resume for each job
  • A review of impact statements and eye grabbing details to create better responses
  • A triple check for typos and grammatical errors and make suggestions
  • An ATS compatible Resume Template to work from so you can build your own resume
  • A completed Review returned to you within 5 business days

$78 for our detailed Resume Review

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Hidden Bonuses*

  • When you apply to any of the 1,500+ jobs on our exclusive job board, if your resume looks good for the job, we CALL each company on your behalf to follow up to help get you in!
  • Access to our Quick Answers section where we placed all of our YouTube videos, categorized them, and made them searchable!
  • Placement in our employer-searchable Talent Directory (optional), employers do not have to be 1st level connections or friends to find you, your email address is not exposed to spammers, and you can backlink your other online profiles to rank higher in google searches
  • *Bonuses come with all Memberships (not Ind. Services)

Resume & Cover Templates

  • An ATS Compatible Resume Template
  • An Easily Customizable Cover Letter Template
  • An Action Creating Thank You Letter Template
  • A Memorable Handbill Template for Networking Events

$19 for all templates listed above

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Resume & Cover eCourse

We teach you how resumes can be quickly customized to target each job. Everything below is INCLUDED in our coaching programs.

  • Resume Basics video duration: 10:47
    • Learn the fundamental elements every resume must include
    • This video creates a solid foundation on which to build the more advanced strategies to get responses
  • Beyond Resume Basics video duration: 12:21
    • Here we begin to construct the resume per the template guidelines
    • Our resume template not only ensures ATS compatibility, but also allows for quick and easy customizations
  • Customizing Your Resume video duration: 17:13
    • Using the template from the last video, learn how to customize quickly
    • Learn which areas of your resume are most important, how screeners read resumes, and how to grab their eye
  • Cover Letters video duration: 11:37
    • Not everyone reads cover letters, so you need a quickly customizable, but effective template
    • Learn to create a good cover letter, but not lose time doing it
  • Thank You Letters video duration: 17:55
    • Learn to construct a Thank You Letter that creates action
    • Numerous students of point to THIS video as the reason they got an offer!
  • Handbills & Job Clubs video duration: 28:43
    • Learn how to create effective Handbills for job clubs and networking
    • Learn the important elements of a Handbill to create memorable impressions and to generate targeted job leads

$29 for 30 Days of access to this course

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Resume Package

  • Full Resume Rewrite & Preparation
  • ATS Compatibility Tests
  • Resume & Cover Writing eCourse
  • Detailed Resume Review (10+ pgs)
  • Exclusive Job Board & Club Access

Spring Cleaning

Does your resume need a tune up? Our Resume Package is normally $715, but if you decided THIS is the year you find a new job, then you need an effective resume AND LinkedIn Profile.

For the remainder of March (or possibly sooner if we run out of capacity) you can get our full Resume Package AND LinkedIn Profile Review for $425!


Want details & examples?

If you are serious about getting a new resume, but want details about what, why and how we write resumes, our free SUMJS Resumes Guide will show you. Also known as our Examples Doc. Click the button below to get it.


Direct Coaching

  • All Online Coaching benefits
  • Direct coaching from Paul
  • Bi-monthly coaching calls
  • Interview Prep & Debrief Calls
  • Progress Accountability
  • Full Resume Preparation
  • Written correspondence support
  • Direct Message & Number for Paul
  • Installment options available
  • Limited to 6 clients per month

$1,497 per month, or $3,591 for 3 months
Payment options available

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Add Online Coaching

  • Resume Package + Online Coaching
  • All Networking level benefits
  • Access ALL eCourses & Tools
  • Access to our Support Forum
  • A Shared Pipeline for real leads!
  • Resume & Cover Letter Templates
  • Action Plans & Accountability
  • Talent Directory placement (opt)
  • Professional ePortfolio Marketing
  • Personal Job Application Follow Up!

Resume + eCoaching

Resume + eCoaching +1 Call

Resume + eCoaching +2 Calls

Networking Membership

  • The Ultimate Networking eCourse
  • Access to Over 1,500 National Jobs
  • Talent Directory Placement (opt)
  • Custom Job Tracking Pipeline Tool
  • Your own professional blog platform
  • Access ALL recorded JDNG seminars
  • Online Accountability Groups
  • The Accelerated Careers Onboarding Program

$14 per month. Save 20% Quarterly, or 35% Annually

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