Business Analyst Resume, Avi K

Avi Kaufman

Professional Summary
As a Business Analyst in the healthcare industry specializing in data and systems efficiency, I create healthy, productive work environments. With the right data, workflow blockages can be removed and automated which allows the team to shift their focus from tasks, to objectives. People who enjoy their jobs are more productive, less stressed, and can live the company values, instead of just adhering to them. Having an ER doctor for a father, I have seen the amazing things a motivated team can accomplish. I use data like he used a scalpel to remove inefficiencies, relieve pressure, and bring health to those I serve.

Core Competencies
• Healthcare Data Analysis
• Relationship & Consensus Building
• Task Value/Impact Analysis
• Excellent Training & Presentation Skills
• Business Process Automation
• Strategic Hiring & Onboarding Practices
• Communication Process Improvement
• SQL, SAS, Excel, JCL, ADB2

Professional Experience
North Shore Senior Center, Niles, IL July 2016 – Present
Case Manager
• Reduced completion times by 2 to 5 days per project by implementing a layered Agile approach
• Initiated and installed a multi-departmental collaborative environment allowing more efficient results
• Created trusted partner relationships to consistently exceed SLA’s and client expectations
• Eliminated over 40 minutes of manual data input time utilizing technical automation strategies
• Implemented pre-filled, dropdown file systems allowing for quicker assessments and hire billing rates
• Added efficiencies at all levels, from overall project methodologies to data entry, thereby enabling more projects to be completed, bringing in more revenue, and increasing morale enterprise-wide

Clearbrook, Arlington Heights, IL Aug. 2015 – May 2016
Case Manager
• Led a 15-member team supporting 18 clients across 3 locations, and uniformly increased productivity
• Conducted value/impact analysis of tasks at each location to increase efficiency and job satisfaction
• Implemented key hiring, onboarding, development, and exit strategies ensuring consistent improvement
• Implemented team and vendor communication structure to eliminate unnecessary clarifying emails
• Introduced the BLOT email format (Bottom Line On Top) allowing for faster and more clear messaging
• Provided cultural and behavioral client expectation training meetings which improved client cooperation
• Led multidisciplinary teams in creation and implementation of programming to develop client capabilities
• Improved overall communication, process, and structure, thereby eliminating tense client interactions, improving client satisfaction, and increasing employee job satisfaction and productivity

EngagePlus Consulting, Chicago, IL. July 2012 – Aug. 2015
Principal Business Analyst Consultant
• Established consultancy to convert from a Practice Management Systems intern to paid consultant
• Developed and optimized the consulting practice technologies, processes, and accounting systems
• Created repeatable efficiency processes and structures to implement at multiple clients
• Developed additional business and engagements through networking and word of mouth from clients

Business Analyst & Assistant Group Counselor Consultant
Client: Practice Management Systems LLC, Skokie, IL
• Identify, create, and present project metric reports with analysis for senior leadership
• Improved administrative billing tools to process claims and medical reimbursements faster
• Restructured database allowing staff to complete and record visit summaries with fewer steps

• Coded and tested database table structures, and documented operating procedures for the systems
• Collaborated to reduce company attrition rates by 30% with a career pathing tool and mentoring program
• Refined the corporate survey data, conducted focus groups, and presented recommendations
• Assisted in Group Counseling:
o Developed and facilitated cohesive multicultural group counseling sessions
o Enhanced emotional intelligence and communication skills among the group members
o Conducted individual counseling sessions to augmenting group work
o Attendance and participation increased 10%

2010 – 2013 Adler University, Chicago, IL – Graduate Studies
MA, Organizational and Counseling Psychology
While pursuing a Master’s Degree, accepted two internships:
Organizational Development Intern Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) May 2013 – Aug. 2013
• Initiated needs assessment with Director of Adult Learning to restructure adult coaching
• Developed a strategic onboarding program to drive engagement and increase productivity of new hires
• Created best practices for competency based adult learning programs through research and interviews

Organizational Development Intern
Adler Wellness Committee, Chicago, IL Oct. 2010 – July 2012
• Facilitated contracts and communication procedures with external vendors
• Raised participation 50% for week-long conference by leading program management
• Developed database to track committee activities and improved committee documentation process

B’Deyoak Consulting, Chicago, IL July 2008 – Aug. 2010
Principal Business Analyst Consultant
• Launched consultancy to serve non-profits and small businesses in healthcare, education, and technology
• Created effective websites, database infrastructures, and standard operating procedures for clients
• Increased client transaction and reporting capabilities by automating common CRM activities
• Completed front end coding and system testing for reliability of ever solution provided

Hewitt Associates, Lincolnshire, IL Jan. 1999 – Apr. 2007
Business Analyst
• Led cross-functional teams on data analysis, technology enhancements, and client support projects
• Selected as Lead Business Analyst to direct coding and testing on project which saved $3M for the client
• Facilitated efficient communication as the liaison between the client and developers
• Raised customer satisfaction 20% by improving the online benefits manual, decreased call center volume
• Led training for external, internal, and offshore workers to improve onboarding and cultural sensitivity
• Reduced costs of the regression testing system 50% by developing an automated testing tool
• Completed all phases of testing for the new tool, and served as the SME on the product for other teams

Master of Arts, Organizational and Counseling Psychology 2013
Adler University, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science, Human Development and Computer Information Systems 2009
North Park University, Chicago, IL

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