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How can a senior professional, especially those in leadership positions, allow future employers to get an in-depth understanding of how they solve problems, or what types of challenges they've overcome, or the full scale of the projects they've successfully completed? Formal interviews can give a glimpse into their work style and abilities, but even then there is only so much that can be observed in a limited time frame.

Over the years the one tool I've seen senior professionals use successfully to be selected for a great position is blogging. By writing about situations, philosophies, and offering advice to issues you know today's employers are facing, you'll not only gain a following (which creates opportunities), but you'll establish yourself as an expert in your field. The most common reason for NOT starting a blog is simply knowing how to start, where to host it, and what's involved.

Our goal at is to provide job seekers with every advantage possible to help them efficiently land a position they will love. We already have a Talent Directory to host digital portfolios for our members which highlights their skills for employers to find, but now they can start blogging right from that same portfolio! There's no additional charge, just start blogging and backlinking to your other profiles so more employers can find you. This project also opened another HUGE advantage for job seekers that we weren't expecting.

In addition to writing about their work experiences, posting work samples, they can post their resume in a blog format! Search engines are naturally crawling the internet to index every word written on blogs to deliver the most accurate results possible. By posting a resume in a blog format your keywords will not only be found in Applicant Tracking Systems, they'll be found by employers everywhere! This is the ultimate Search Engine Optimization strategy (SEO) for job seekers to rank higher in search engines when employers for talent.

Worried about getting spammed? No sweat! We do NOT include personal contact information on your public portfolio, but you CAN link to your LinkedIn profile, or Twitter profile, or any other available portfolio you own AND we have a "Contact Me" button on each profile so employers can use a form - after proving they are not a robot - to send you an email to inquire about your skills.

With these linking opportunities and as well as the blog where you can reference the other sites, AND link back from those other profiles, you effectively create a backlinking strategy which helps you rank even higher in google searches! Don't take our word for it, google "what is backlinking?" and learn more about it.

We are promoting our blog on regularly, thereby drawing more attention to our member profiles. When a blog post is clicked, the reader is taken to the blog ON THE MEMBER PROFILE PAGE where they can learn more about the author.

Professional blogging is an outstanding way to gain visibility, and as Trusted Expert Bruce Bixler likes to say, "Visibility = Opportunity!" has found yet another way to bring more opportunity to job seekers. A digital portfolio within our Talent Directory is included in our Networking Membership level, along with access to our job board, our Networking eCourse, our JDNG Archive of Seminars, our custom Jobs Pipeline Tracker built in Trello (with business class power-up access), and so much more...all for $14/month or less.

This was made possible by all the job seekers who joined previously because 100% of any profits generated from this site go towards helping more job seekers. I hope you'll join too so we can help even more people!

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